✖ creating a life that looks like you

I've been on a massive shifting momentum lately. I'm in between jobs, making future goals, and getting help with my mental health. I'm focused on creating a life for myself, that looks like me. In this post, I'm going to share a few tips and tricks on what I've done to shift my life towards what I want it to be like and hopefully inspire others to make the same steps.

✖ stop giving a shit about what others think of you

This is a tricky one, I must admit. But it's essential. You do you, you create your own life. One of the most important lessons I've öearned this year is that other people's opinions have nothing to do with my life. If I want to create content online - it's my decision. If I want to work, let's say in 3 different jobs - it's my decision. It may not be the wisest decision to make I admit, but it's still my decision. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't listen to others, but to understand that the most important decisions you'll make in life should be based on what you want from your life.

✖ make goals, lists, and excel spreadsheets

My current number one goal is to buy an apartment for myself when I turn 30. It'll be my 30th birthday present. This is something I wouldn't have thought of a year or two ago - heck, I didn't even think I would be alive to see my 30th birthday. To achieve this goal I'm making all my decisions to serve this goal. An extra shift? The profit will go into my savings account. Do I need that pair of shoes? Well, not necessarily. The goal itself won't be in charge of my life but it helps me to make adjustments in my life that will serve the end goal. To work towards this goal, I have a full-on excel spreadsheet madness going on with my daily and monthly budgeting. Work smart, not hard.

✖ imagine the life you want on a daily basis

This is one of those manifestation things, I'm not sure what to think of yet. But I've gotten familiar with the law of attraction - you attract what you believe you truly deserve. The universe will help you do the rest. For me, it's imagining what my life would be when I'm 30. How I will feel when I sign up for the apartment. The excitement I'll experience when I get to choose the floorings, wall coloring, and plan the kitchen. Yup, I'm going to do a full renovation when the time comes. I imagine myself in that apartment surrounded by my favorite people and I feel content. That's what I deserve.

What tips or tricks do you have on creating a life that looks just like you?

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