✖ 27th birthday well spent | Levi, Finland

Apparently, this has become an annual thing now to travel to Lapland for my birthday. I recently turned 27 and I'm happy to say that I've achieved the age after I no longer get older. As far as anyone is concerned, I'll always be a twenty-seven-year-old. Period.

If the last year's trip to Pyhätunturi was purely magical, I can assure you that the magic was far away from Levi. Okay, okay, I got to see the Northern Lights (fucken finally) and I got to go snowboarding, went on top of Levitunturi, and witnessed one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen.

But apart from that, magic was far away from Levi.

I think it's time to let you all know that I'm a very accident-prone person. It's become a thing to go and practice a couple of down slides with a snowboard on the kid's part of the hill. You know, just to be reminded how that thing works on your feet. I'm not the one who does snowboarding often [read: more than once a year] so a reminder is well needed. This time also reminded me how it feels to fall on your butt and use your hand to assist the fall.

On the very first day of snowboarding, on a second slide, I managed to fall on my butt so well that I also succeeded in twisting my left wrist, and even more than a week later, it is still reminding me of that.

I also found muscles that I didn't know a human body can contain and my legs look like I've gone through a paper shredder for some reason, at least if you count all the bruises.

Snowboarding is something I do enjoy when I manage to stay on top of it instead of falling on my butt. The weather was amazing but also freezing with -25°C temperatures. You can easily conclude what happens to atopic skin when it goes to full-mode winter very suddenly. That's correct! Eczema appears. Haven't had the courage to show my face anywhere during the whole week as the eczema is right below my eyes.

Long story short, I spent in total 100€ at the pharmacy during and after the trip. I also bought myself a t-shirt and a new hoodie, even though I'm on a spending ban. With all the voices in my head, we together decided that I deserved them after going through all that pain.

The pain most certainly did not end there! During our last day, we decided to climb over 750 steps on Levi's summit, and oh boy, the legs were shaky when we got down. It was worth it though, as we stumbled upon the most adorable reindeer on our way up. It was part of the Samí exhibition that was at Levi summit.

After all, the trip was worth all the pain and I'd do it again. It most certainly reminded me that age doesn't come alone. What is the most random thing that happened to you during your birthday?

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