✖ new year, new shenanigans

Up until GoDaddy asked me to renew my URL address for overdosed on caffeine recently, I haven't been really even sparing a thought on this little baby of mine. I thought that well, I haven't really been in the mood to write anything, and I thought that blogging doesn't fit in with this new me I am building. Yet I've done it, I renewed my blog URL address for the next year, and I will see where this is headed.

✖ so what have I been up to, lately?

I've been up to a lot! By the end of the year, I kicked my ex-husband out of the apartment we own together and moved in with D. I've been traveling plenty (between the borders of Finland), I've been basically living at work and simply enjoyed things near me. Oh, and I may have a black kitchen now, but more about that later.

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