✖ using a moving company or moving by yourself?

 That's the question I've spent countless hours thinking of lately. To use a moving company or not to use? To move by yourself, or not? I've asked those questions so many times, that I could write my own version of Hamlet just because to write, or not to write.

I've finally come to conclusion, which you'll find out after you've scrolled to the end of this post or after you've been a good guy and read the whole darn thing before finding out what I chose.

If you've got over 30 plants (I do), I could recommend a moving company.

To use the moving company or not to use, that is the question.

In all honesty, it's up to you to decide I'm here simply just providing you unpaid options.

✖ to manipulate your friends to help you move, or not to manipulate?

This thing comes with plenty of good possibilities. If you're an excellent speaker, you may be able to gather around a few friends over for a weekend to help you move your house (while you sit back and watch they do all the hard-working bits). Whippididuu, the moving is done!

✖ to bribe your friends to help you move, or not to bribe?

Bribing is a surprisingly efficient way to get your friends to help you move house. Just simply tell them you've got beer, you've got pizza and all packed so the reward will be waiting for them at the end. I mean, who would say no for a free pizza or beer?

✖ to use the moving company, or not to use?

After all those possibilities your friends can offer, and be offered, to help you move it might be you haven't got anyone around at the time you're about to move. Then I believe paying for the moving company could be a good solution, especially if it fits your budget. 

Since I know my friends, I went to the bribe-option. They've got pizza and beer waiting for them at the new place I'll be living in. Still cannot believe my year at this rented one-room and kitchen flat is coming to its end, yet I'm darn happy about it. It's time for new beginnings.

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