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Monday, 17 August 2020

The world has gone mad, and so have I.

I've never been that into finding pretty places nearby. I've always been the one to book train tickets or plane tickets, even boat tickets to figure my way out of Finland. My need to find different cultures and ways of living has been so big that before the whole covid-19 situation, I wouldn't have thought about traveling inside of Finland. Luckily that is something that has changed, considering that our country is full of places that are prettier than another.

Koli National Park the view from Ukko-Koli
Mäkrävaara view, Finland
Kolin kansallispuisto, Suomen kansallismaisema

Koli National Park was the first national park in Finland I visited this summer. My friend and I hiked up to Ukko-Koli, Paha-Koli, and Akka-Koli and got to witness the most amazing views after another. Koli is the perfect spot to actually let the fact that Finland indeed, is the land of a thousand lakes and forests really, deeply sink in. There is water everywhere. There are trees everywhere.

a girl playing ukulele in sunset, Koli Finland

We spent the night at a camping ground site nearby, which was free of charge and had the most wonderful view right outside the tent. There weren't many others to sleep over there and everyone kept their distance so we were able to be on our own for most of the time. It was basically a backyard of a farm and we saw plenty of lambs and horses while we cooked our dinner.

Have you explored your own country more now after being in a lockdown?
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