✖ banana bread | vegan + gluten-free

I've been really into baking lately. I imagine it's because of the quarantine and being laid off from work that makes me this way - to be honest, it's been years since I've actually enjoyed baking as much as I've done lately. So I hopped off into a quarantine cliché, as one would say and I baked banana bread. This banana bread is vegan and it's also gluten-free, which in my opinion, is kind of cool.

5 bananas (ones that have gone dark are the best ones)
2,5dl oat flour
1,5dl almond flour
0,5dl coconut oil
0,5dl agave syrup
1 teaspoon cinnamon
0,5 teaspoon vanilla
1,5 teaspoon baking powder
0,5 teaspoon baking soda

✖ how to bake it?
Heat the oven to 180°C degrees and oil the bread pan.

Use a fork to mash 4 bananas out of 5. Melt the coconut oil, and mix it with bananas and syrup.

Put all dry ingredients together and add the mix in small batches to the banana dough. Mix carefully.

Pour the dough into the bread pan and slice the fifth banana on top of the bread.

Bake it in the oven for 45 minutes or until it's ready. Let it cool off before eating.

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  1. This looks amazing, I made banana bread today however I really want to try a vegan option and this is perfect!

    Jodie |


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