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Yesterday, my washing machine decided to leave the bathroom in the middle of washing all my bedsheets. Bathroom, you may ask? Yeah, that's where we Scandinavians and Scandi-ish (Finnish) people keep our washing machines.

A week ago, the lamp over my stove burnt. I had to watch several tutorials and Google the shit out of it in order to figure out how to change a lamp into it. But I did it, off to store I went, found a right lamp and I freaking changed it. Took me a day.

A few weeks back, I ordered myself wifi for my apartment. I installed it all by myself. Heck, life is a lot easier now when you don't have to use the Internet hotspot from your phone.

For almost two weeks, my 3-year-old son wasn't allowed to go to the daycare, so I had him at home with me while studying remote via Zoom for uni. I got through that.
I was able to study myself and act as a daycare teacher for little whiles. We learned a lot about different animals, we can now count fluently to 15 and we went out to pick up rocks so we could paint them.

Yesterday, I fixed the washing machine. May have had to Google the shit out of it too but I did it. I fixed it. It no longer wants to escape from the premises and is put back in its place to wash our clothes.

For someone who used to be in a relationship for 10 years, these kinds of small things is a huge deal for me. And I'm proud of myself. Pardon my French, but who the fuck needs men anyway? When you've got Google & Satisfyer Pro, you're good to go.

And can you imagine? Changing a freaking lamp won't have to take two years when you can do it in a day all by yourself!


  1. You got this mama! YOU are BADASS!!!! xx

  2. Congratulations on fixing your washing machine, that's just amazing. I'm completely in awe at your perseverance!

    Jodie |


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