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HEY-OOO, this is my first official plant post on the blog!

And I'm going to start it off by sharing some bits and bobs I know about my oldest plant I've got: Rhapidophora Tetrasperma. Tetraspermas are often miscalled as mini monsteras, mini split-leafs or even philodendrons and they're ridiculously Instagram worthy at the moment. Also, they grow darn fast, if I may add.

R. Tetrasperma must've been one of the easiest plants to grow that I've ever had. I bought it approximately a year ago from the Crazy Days sale at Stockmann and ever since we've been the best of buds. However, it really started growing after six months living in my new flat which either means that my old apartment was too dark for it or I've given it plenty of more attention now that I'm actually living alone.

✖ what kind of lighting does it require?
Rhapidophora tetrasperma loves light! I read somewhere that it requires bright, filtered light. However, it's right next to my somewhere-facing window and it has been doing brilliantly. Might even say it's thriving. So plenty of light, especially indoors. R. Tetrasperma requires a lot of light to grow faster and produce the layers on its leaves.

✖ how much should I water it?
During the growing season, from March to August, it likes to stay a bit moist. I simply water it whenever I remember, using the fertilizer each time I water it. During the Wintertime it requires a lot less water. Also, spray its leaves with water at times - it loves it!

Rhapidophora Tetrasperma is easily one of my favourite plants to propagate. It's fairly easy, just take a stem cutting with a node and root it in water or soil. They may be a bit slow to root in the water, but they'll grow fast when they're planted in the soil after rooting them.

Would you be interested in reading a blog post about R. Tetrasperma propagation?

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  1. Please write a post about propagation. One of my small goals is to become a bit more green fingered so I adore reading posts like these!

    Jodie |


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