✖ how to get rid of all unimportant stuff?

Now that some of us are under lockdown, or at the very least in quarantine we might have realized we have a lot of things at our homes, right? I can't be the only one, right? Today I wanted to share a few tips and tricks with you that help me go through the massive pile of random junk I've found around the flat. Yup, been living in this flat of mine for 6 months and I can already feel the junk piling up.

 when was the last time you used it?
The most important question to ask, in my opinion, is when is the last time you used it? Heck, if you haven't needed it in 6 months or in a year - get rid of it.

 can this be sold or given away?
Yeap, I'm not suggesting you throw away these things. You can get a bit of pocket money, or simply a happy mind giving the things you don't need to someone who needs them more than you do. I mean, if it's completely broken and useless - then you can recycle it in an appropriate way.

✖ but what if it means so so much to you?
Hoarders tend to get emotionally attached to things. Okay, just kidding, I've saved D's first Converse as well. And some baby clothes. I can still smell the baby he used to be, even though I've washed them. HOWEVER, if you have memories with it, don't toss it away but also remember that you don't have any memories with the vacuum cleaner that doesn't work anymore but you kind of want to keep it simply because if the miracle happens and it was the first vacuum cleaner in your childhood home.

I've gone through so much of my stuff these past few weeks. Some I've given away and some I've sold. Not much has gone to the trash/recycle bin, and I'm actually quite proud of myself. I've still got some stuff in storage at my old apartment, so that's going to be the next thing I'll be sorting but for the weekend I decided to go and visit my friend in my hometown. Really looking forward to that, even though the times are what they are now.

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  1. I love to ask myself if something brings me joy or not, it really helps me to decide what to keep and what to get rid of!

    Jodie |


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