✖ 3 x things I've learned about myself during a 2-week quarantine

I fled to Cape Verde in early March to escape my feelings and to be alone. When I got back to Finland, I was placed in a 2-week forced quarantine, like a little homecoming gift even though any COVID-19 cases weren't in Cape Verde at that time. I just managed to get back after they stopped tracking the virus, labelling countries to epidemic areas - the whole world was an epidemic area, even pandemic when I got back. So to the quarantine, I went.

The funny thing is that I went there to be alone for 8 days, I also got back to be alone 14 days more. But the thing is, I didn't want to be alone anymore. This has driven me nuts. Of course, I've seen my son, as he cannot go to the daycare so he's been to uni with me (remote working) which I do not recommend with a toddler,  but what can you do.

my head can handle a lot, but it cannot handle hoarding and selfishness
I got back right when the hamsterwave was on its full swing. People were hoarding the cheapest things from the grocery stores - you know, the crap us students buy. Oh and elderly people. Oh and people who aren't blessed with a chubby wallet in their pockets. I read a FB post about an elderly man who had to leave the flipping grocery store without buying anything because all the cheap options were hoarded and he couldn't afford to a bit more expensive ones. That makes me mad. Idiots, idiots everywhere. Also, I managed to survive 5 days without toilet paper before I found any from the store, I just had to take a shower after each time I used the toilet. Fun times, very fun times. And no, not the hand shower (I don't have one), the actual fucking shower.

my introvert-self can handle being alone if it chooses to do so but not forced
I'm an introvert, this whole situation the world is dealing with is basically like the dream come true for me. If I only had chosen to isolate myself. There's a little rebel living inside of me, especially as an Aquarius, I'm drawn to rather make my own rules instead of following someone else's.

being alone with my own thoughts is scary as fuck
As being someone whose thoughts aren't always blue skies and sunny rays being alone with one's own thoughts is creepy as fuck. I can think about anything from plants to planning my own suicide. No worries, I'm not going to kill myself but holy shit what a wide range of thoughts and emotions can go through someone in one day. As if I was pregnant, but no, just alone with my own thoughts.

Have you learned anything about yourself during the quarantine?

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  1. My country (New Zealand) has implemented a four week lockdown so uh, yeah, A LOT of time alone with my thoughts hahahaha *twitches* I'm also an introvert so this has been brilliant in some respects. I'm in lockdown with my family though, so having six people in my space ALL THE TIME is a bit much and I'm not getting a real chance to "recharge". There's also stories of hoarding and locals verbally abusing those who are displaced/without accommodation and it is absolutely awful. What happened to this "be kind" message that was being touted everywhere?

    xo, Victoria


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