✖ oh honey, you don't have to hide that bra

Saturday 1 February 2020

I work in retail. There are times women come to the cashpoint, throw all the clothes they want to buy on the desk, in a ridiculous pile. I mean, I admit - I am doing the absolute same if I happen to hit my head and go to shopping in person instead online. The thing I've discovered is that most women (not all), tend to hide the underwear they're buying between all the other clothes. They tend to get a bit ashamed if it takes me longer than a few seconds to get the hanger out of the sexiest bra there is in the collection. Let me get one thing straight, ladies:

No matter the size, shape, the model of the bra or any other kind of underwear --

BUY that bra that makes you feel hot as hell.
BUY those thongs, if they're comfortable for you and make you feel good.
BUY that sexy body, if you're feeling yourself good in it.

Treat yourself with proudness, as a wonderful woman you are.

There seems to be a lot of shame when it comes to shopping for underwear as a woman. And to me personally, it feels ridiculous. Although I have to admit that before my breast reduction surgery I was damn ashamed to buy a bra as well. But it always ended up with going to multiple different stores, having yourself measured by multiple different people and being told in every single place that they don't have a cup large enough for me. That, if anything was utterly shameful. For me, personally.

But for fuck's sake women, we live in an era where we are no longer being held between the fist and the stove. There is no one who can tell us what we can and what we cannot wear, and sure as hell, there isn't anyone who can justify telling us what kind of underwear we should be wearing.

If you happen to be lucky enough to stand in that fitting room, try on a bra and actually feel like they're a good fit for you, as that's something not to be taken for granted, and they're something you feel good in, you feel amazing in, you feel sexy in, no one can come and tell you you can't be wearing them.

And if you're wondering what the salesperson at the cashpoint thinks, they most likely won't even remember what kind of underwear you bought after they've packed them in a shopping bag.
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