✖ top tips on trying to find the positives from difficult situations

I'm by far the worst pessimist there is. Honestly, no lie.
I always think the worst out of everything and tend to focus on the negative aspects of different happenings in my own life. Overthinking is something I also practise pretty frequently. Sounds familiar? I sure as hell cannot be the only one.

I've been challenging myself this month to try and find the positives from the difficult situations. And oh boy, there has been many. So many. For example, I stumbled my toe upon a bathroom door it ending up to be blue and swollen, I was sure it was broken. It wasn't. The positive I got out of this? I don't have to use my walking sticks to travel an hour to uni and back. If I would have been super unlucky, I would have had to travel all that way in snow and ice.

I decided to gather around some tips on trying to find positives from difficult situations. Not only to help others struggling but to remind me as well. We all could do some reminiscing. How do you find the positives from difficult situations?

✖ accept the situation
Accepting the situation is crucial in order to be able to move on. If you won't accept the situation you happen to be in, you end up under its control instead of being in control of the situation by yourself. You'll give the difficult situation the power to control over you. You'll be more likely to find the positives if you're in control of the situation you're being in.
Of course, not all situations are like that.

✖ remind yourself that it could be worse
You've been through so much in your life and honestly, it could be worse. If you can't control it, you can control your mindset over it. I'm not saying you have to force the positive thoughts, I'm suggesting just going with the flow. At one point, you might realise that the situation wasn't half as bad as you thought at first.

✖ there are always two sides in things
When you realise that there are always two sides in things, the understanding of the situation becomes more wholesome. Be open to accept different viewings instead of living in your own bubble.

What helps you to find positives from difficult situations?

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