✖ my hopes for 2020

I'm not going to write about my new year's resolutions. I'm not too sure whether I am willing to keep them or if I'm even ready to keep them. I mean, if changing new fresh bed sheets is something that makes me feel like I have my shit together as a fully functional adult, how on Earth would I actually have my shit together?

So hopes. Hopes = resolutions. Even though I'm not talking about them as resolutions. "Resolutions" as a word, sounds like such a commitment.

And I'm not willing to commit on anything now, just for my own good.

So here we go. Hopes, for 2020.

✖ I hope to keep my plants alive
I've been hoarding plants in my apartment. Fuck, they're as social as I am. They're great listeners. They'll give me the air I breathe and they make my flat look nice. Least I can do to them, is to keep them alive. They're more difficult to keep alive than a child, to be fair. You can't really overwater a toddler or starve it to death without the toddler letting you know immediately when something's not right. Plants let you know, like a week later when they suddenly just die.

✖ I hope to get back to writing
Writing is therapeutic. Writing is something I use to express myself and it has been defining a part of me as long as I can remember. When we got our first PC my most used programs in it was Paint and Microsoft Word. I used to love writing short stories, fuck - I even remember the plot of the book I once was wanting to write. However I'm mostly focusing on academic writing at the moment, with uni going on and stuff but if I want a break from it, I'd really love to get back to blogging.
Blogging has always been fun, and I'm kind of ready to get myself back on the track, to the track I was on with Little Things With Jassy, may it rest in peace.

✖ I hope to learn the handstand properly
I really do want to learn the handstand. It's been something I've been wanting to learn for ages. I've been getting quite good at it but there's still a long way to go.

✖ I hope to find a job in my own field
I mean, working in retail is fun (right? right!?) when you don't want to kill yourself after a ridiculous encounter with a customer but finding a job in my own field would be an absolute goal. I don't usually compare myself to others in anything but while looking at my classmates thrive and succeed in our field it makes me feel like I'm missing out on something. In a way, I'm not finding the proper words to express. Is this FOMO?

✖ I hope to quit smoking
It's a bad habit of mine which has been following me since I was 15. A 10-year-mark would be the perfect moment to quit right? I've quitted once before and it was easy as fuck. Mostly because I was pregnant and determined not to be like mum's who smoke while being pregnant.

✖ I hope to paint more
Painting is something I'm used to doing, as well, to express myself and my feelings. It's also therapeutic, like yoga and writing.

What do you hope for your 2020?


  1. These are really great hopes and ideas. I look forward to seeing how things go throughout the year.

  2. 'Keeping my plants alive' thats so me! I love my plant children and I hope they survive 2020. Great post x


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