✖ adapting

I've been adapting to new things lately.
Adapting to the fact that the storage I keep my stuff in, and where I sleep in, is basically one 32 square feet refrigerator.

I've been adapting to the loneliness. Sleeping alone, eating alone, only cooking for myself. Even if it's a bag of noodles the most of the days. And when I come home from school or work, there isn't anyone waiting for me.

Oddly, I've gotten used to it.
I used to think my life is over but lately, I've been trying to make some plans for the future. So I'd get something to look forward to.

I'm oddly fine with the fact that I only make two cups of coffee each morning. I'm oddly fine with the fact that I can have the whole bed for myself most of the nights. I've adapted myself in a whole new life situation and by adapting, I'm trying to keep my shit together until all is clear again.

It's more like a coping mechanism.

A coping mechanism for this madness I live in.

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