✖ thoughts about starting a second year in uni

My second year has officially started and I've been back to uni for a couple of weeks now. The beginning was slightly chilled, especially because the whole Autumn semester is going to be spent discussing topics around AI and digital arts. We have someone who is professionalised in digital arts to teach the course, and personally, I've been flipping excited about it.

We're also doing trips to the woods, which obviously made me even more excited. Couldn't have had a softer landing back to the uni life after a long summer vacation. We're also being taught the basics of visual design and some entrepreneurship things later during the year, and I'm excited about them both. I'm pretty interested in building my own business from scratch, whatever it will include when the time is right.

The Autumn semester is going to end with our own projects that will include some of the stuff we've learned during the semester and there's an option on doing it alone or in groups. It excites me as well, as I'm a lone wolf. I am able to work in groups and I generally enjoy group work, but it's nice to be able to do something on my own as well.

This is definitely one of those semesters I can imagine raising some questions about am I actually graduating to a proper job title if you ask my relatives. But you know, do what makes you happy, right?

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