✖ my Autumn bucket list

I don't care when your Autumn begins, but mine begins when the calendar tells me it's September. Mainly, because in Finnish it's called Syyskuu. Syyskuu basically means Autumn Moon, so it's Autumn if you ask me.

I decided to gather around a little bucket list for myself for the Autumn, and you guys must know, I'm a huge fan of lists. Lists make my life complete and the chaos it is, it makes it make sense.

"Been thinking about my small life, depressed on my bed laid on my back, will I ever get up from here? Blinds closed, same records on a loop in my head, my pj's on at home all alone."
my Autumn bucket list
✖ wander through the forests nearby
✖ see the leaves change their colour
✖ do a little trip to Lapland
✖ spend a weekend away in a hotel with a bathtub, all by myself
✖ visit Turku, Finland
✖ not miss a day at uni
✖ work my ass off
✖ spend time with my loved ones
✖ get over a huge loss I've had to deal with lately
✖ burn scented candles
✖ drink hot chocolate
✖ watch crazy amounts of reality TV
✖ go for an evening walks
✖ watch stars in the middle of the night
✖ take my camera out more often
✖ drink oat milk latte
✖ book an appointment to a therapist
✖ enjoy days getting darker
✖ wait for winter

What's on your Autumn bucket list?

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  1. Great list! I like how it incorporates basic personal goals as well as autumn-themed things. :)


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