✖ greetings from a reality tv junkie

Reality TV is my guilty pleasure, you know.
It's something I get caught up on very easily, unless if it's the Finnish version of Love Island, which I absolutely cannot stand. The UK version is much better.

The thing is, Big Brother made its very welcome return to the Finnish reality TV world, and I've been obsessed ever since. It has also done wonders to my Twitter activity. I've been neglecting all my social media accounts over the past month, and to cry out loud my impressions are now passed by the stats in two days compared to August.

Following BB 24/7 has become easier now, than ever before. We already had the account for the online streaming service thanks to Temptation Island earlier this year, and I'm not going to lie, it's on at the background right at this very moment I'm writing this blog post.

Perhaps that was all that I needed to write a post.
So here I am, I'm not dead.
I'm just a reality TV junkie.

Also, really trying to get a grip with the blog again.
Also trying to hold on to my life again. It's been tough.
Just bear with me.

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