✖ 3 reasons to visit in the woods every day

Yes, I mean it. Every damn single day. Whether it's raining, the sun is shining, snowing. There's always a good reason to visit in the forest.

I've been spending most of my summer in the forest, if I haven't been living in a sin and gotten myself drunk as fuck at the music festivals throughout the summer. And it's done wonders to me, which is why I cannot recommend it enough for you to do as well. Find a perfect spot in the woods for yourself and let all the good vibes sink in.

✖ it improves your mental health
There have been some studies which state that spending time in the woods improves your mental health. And to be fair, I can approve that message. I think I've been a whole lot more anxious if I hadn't gone to the woods on my own for a little while. As many times, that it has become a habit for me and I'm kind of getting anxious if I'm not able to go to the woods for a little while. The quietness, the smell, the focus on simply just being there and minding your steps each time you move, it does wonders to you.

✖ it connects you with the Mama Earth
Finns are funny creatures. Finnish people are built-in with the need to spend time in nature. It's in our blood, in our bones and in our culture. Not all of us, but that's the most Finnish part I have and I am fully embracing it. Mama Earth hasn't been doing well for a while now, and it absolutely breaks my heart. That's why at times, as crazy as it sounds, it's good to wander around touching the ground, hug the trees and be grateful for the beautiful world we are living in. It's something that shouldn't be taken for granted and it's something the people have been taking for granted for a really long time. That's why Mama Earth has become ill and is trying to remove the virus from itself. We should appreciate what we have until it's gone. Take a hint Brazil.

✖ it boosts your creativity
Ever went to the forest without your smartphone? Do it. And thank me later.

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