✖ one broken bone and a few other things from the weekend

Howdy there, you lovely lot.
I've gone in total radio silence for the weekend when it comes to this blog but it's a new week and new shenanigans ahead of us, right?

Let's throw it back to the weekend, as it sure was an eventful one. Oh boy, like really an eventful one.

We arrived at my mum's place on Friday and managed to be there for an hour when J announced he fell with my younger brother's scooter and can't set any weigh on his left foot anymore. It ended up being swollen, and he wasn't able to move his toes anymore so we drove down to the local hospital in Pori where they told him that he actually managed to break his bone during the fall.

One broken bone didn't stop him attending to Pori Jazz festival with us though, and we managed to get a long lost picture of me and my friend at the premises. Christina Aguilera was performing there that evening and I'm still kind of sad I didn't go to see her perform.

Saturday was spent taking things a bit slower, even though my friend held a festival themed birthday party at her cottage in Nakkila. It was super fun, despite the fact that I had minor anxiety on seeing people I haven't seen in ages. It all went well though, despite the anxiety and I managed to have a lovely night out there.

How was your weekend? Did you break any bones, hehe? 

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  1. There was no broken bones for me this weekend! Hope he gets better soon! The jazz festival sounds great! I’ve spent most of my weekend decluttering and organising my flat, I’ve left it way too long and it’s actually therapeutic x


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