✖ midsummer in the city

Midsummer celebrations came around and went as quickly as they possibly could. I mean, I didn't really have anything special planned for the weekend, except for work. So I stayed home the whole weekend, not only staring at the wall but also went to pick some beautiful flowers. I think I struggled a little less, even though, I still am struggling.

I know it's only Sunday, but the week ahead does look a bit promising. After three evenings at work, I'm finally off to that music festival I've been going on and on non-stop these past few weeks. I'm ridiculously excited about it, even though I'm not a camping type of person.

So in general, things are starting to look out a little bit brighter. That's why I've created a little list of things I've got on my calendar for the upcoming week:

✖ find a travel back bag to borrow
✖ figure out what to pack for the weekend
✖ watch a few more episodes of Sons of Anarchy
✖ figure out how to survive the festival with period
✖ enjoy a brunch with old workmates

So I've got my eyes at the weekend! What's on your calendar for the upcoming week?

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