✖ Skippergata 22, the most random coffee shop experience in Oslo, Norway?

Have you ever stepped your foot in a coffee shop with an idea of your head that you're going to enjoy the cuppa in a lovely quiet little coffee shop and perhaps sit in a table where you can see the busyness of the streets? That's what I had in my mind when I stepped in the doors of the Skippergata 22.

The first impression of the place was that the music was so loud. I wasn't sure if I had gone into a coffee shop or a night club. Though it had some cosy cushions and comfy looking sofa's around, there was a piano even, which I now, later on, believe, was on sale.

The place was like dragged straight out of Brooklyn and brought in the middle of Oslo, which was the vibe I absolutely loved in it. When you walked in, it felt like you walked into your own living room. Despite the music being too loud and the difficulty in ordering a cuppa because of it.

The coffee shop was all over the place. My friend and I even joked about the fact that someone might buy a chair under us, which wasn't quite off from the truth as most of the things seemed to be for sale. There were a few houseplants sold during the time we were there and I believe some even brought some of their stuff for sale over there. I'm not sure, at one point there was this huge group of people and a lot of Norwegian was spoken I kind of couldn't keep up with.

After all, the whole experience was flipping cool. Oh, and did I mention a dark room with a disco ball in the roof of a wooden iglu? Yeah, there's one of those too.


  1. Well it definitely sounded like a fun experience! You've gotta love quirky places like this!


    1. absolutely loved it there haha! It was so random tho :D

  2. Lately I've been going to coffeeshops here in America and I'm really liking them, nice place to chill. The coffee shop you went to sounds so cool! Sometimes it's nice to experience things out of the ordinary 😂 I'm all for that grunge vibe, I wished we had one like that in the US!

    Natonya |

  3. Oh my gosh this coffee place looks absolutely amazing though!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan


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