✖ my summer bucket list

Since there have been so many deep and thoughtful posts lately, I decided to kick off the week by listing things I want to experience during the Summer. Even though I'm more like a Winter type of a gal, I really like Summer too. Unless it's too hot and oh boy, last Summer was. We're expecting another one of those so I might have to start preparing myself for that. Thanks to climate change, thanks.

the official bucket list of mine for Summer of 2019
✖ do more yoga outside
✖ watch more sunsets than Netflix
✖ write more
✖ play more ukulele
✖ drink more water
✖ do a little road trip
✖ see Muse performing live
✖ spend time with the loved ones
✖ eat healthy, with a good amount of pizza
✖ take more runs outside
✖ see Ed Sheeran performing live
✖ go to a music festival
✖ sleep in a tent
✖ walk in a rain
✖ go for a swim in a lake
✖ get a new tattoo

What's on your bucket list for the Summer?


  1. This summer, I hope to go on more early-morning hikes and do cardio exercises more, maybe even by swimming with my dog!

    Rachel ||

    1. oh that sounds absolutely wonderful Rachel!

  2. Amazing list. I hope to reconnect with old friends and remember to reach for water rather than Diet Coke. I had done so well at reducing the fizz intake, but alas, bad habits run deep 🖤


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