✖ Haukankierros nature trail in Nuuksio National Park, Finland

A week or a few weeks back, (I've lost the track of time basically), my dear friend found herself from Finland. So what did I do? Dragged her to Nuuksio of course. Don't get me wrong, she's Finnish, she's been there before but you know, when you're living in Norway you need a teeny-weeny reminder of what Finnish nature looks like when you're used to the magnificent mountains in Norway.

The trail we walked was around 4km long, took us a few hours and was chosen based on an Instagram hashtag I found. Instagram hashtags play a huge role in where I might go when I'm you know, going to places in general. That's how I find the coffee shops worthy of visiting, and that's definitely a better way to find out what it looks like in a specific nature trail in Nuuksio, as the pictures on their website are rather bland.

It was definitely a worth to go to. Can't wait to visit the place again.

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