✖ few things I've learned during the first year of uni

Here we are, all tapped. Tapped? Can you say that?
My point was, that here we are. The first year of uni is finally over and holy shit it went by fast. I also learned a bunch of new things, and as some of you might know how much I like to turn things into positive learning experiences, this is definitely one of those.
Don't get me wrong, my classmates are flipping awesome and in general, I'm really enjoying uni.

✖ a lot of things are made in groups
Holy crap how many group projects I've been part of this year! I believe not even the fingers on my both hands will be enough to count the number of group projects we've had. It's ridiculous, and it's also flipping amazing. I've been lucky to have such wonderful people as my classmates, so working with them is really fun and fruitful. Although, I've always used to depend on myself so sharing the responsibilities in order to succeed as an individual in the group has been one of the most difficult tasks I've come across. So it's definitely been a learning experience for me as well.

✖ studying new things is exhausting
Since I haven't been studying these past four years before I started at the University of applied sciences last Autumn, because I simply wasn't able to get in there, lol. So adjusting my brain into the student mode was a bit difficult for me during the first semester. I've finally gotten a bit better grip on this new life of mine and starting to feel a bit more comfortable with it.

 all things move forward really quickly
There have been some courses where we simply haven't had time to study all the things there are to study, which means the teacher is usually going forward with the speed of lightning. Though I'm pretty proud of myself I've been able to keep up with the coding stuff, as that's the stuff that has been "new" to me during these first two semesters.

After all, the first year has been wonderful.
I'm definitely looking forward to next Autumn and the second year as a student. Perhaps I'll graduate in three years, goodness, how fast the time is flying by.

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