✖ the best things in life are found used

It has been a while again guys, although a week ago I was in a great roll tho, don't you think? I started in a new job last week and as you know, when something new jumps into your life you kind of pause everything else. Or at least, I do. I tend to pause everything else to fully focus on consuming new information.

Which brings us to other new things in my life, (smooth, wasn't it?). It also brings us to that rather awkward title of this blog post, and please do bear with me. I haven't been sleeping too well.

I found a new dining table for the dining area! Some of you guys might still remember that huge two-metre long wooden dining table we had previously and even though I was absolutely in love with it, I decided we needed to go for something a lot more compact than that. To be honest, it took a lot of space in our home in general. And the only half of it was properly in use and the other half was more like stuffed with a bunch of random stuff that didn't have a proper place to be put on.

And what do I mean by "the best things in life are found used"?
Because this is what it is. I went online, checked out what people in my area were selling and found this beautiful Ikea Kvarnsten dining table from there. It doesn't always have to be new, right?

Have you made any great second-hand finds lately?

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  1. This table looks wonderful! I do a lot of my shopping in second hand shops. My partner and I found a beautiful vintage chest of drawers in a refurb store, and I've found lots of clothing from charity shops!

    - Nyxie


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