✖ welcoming April: things I want to pay more attention to this month

Since I'm a massive fan on setting goals and planning things I have no intention to keep, this month is not an exception for that. Hey, at least I'm trying eh?

If you read my post yesterday, about how things didn't go as planned last month, I'm sure you know how awful March was for me. There were a bunch of great things as well, the ones I'm going to cherish and then there were some moments I'd gladly like to put behind me. I also did some very important and huge life decisions, which I will share with you guys a bit later on. However, this month I want to pay attention to things. I want to be present.

my own well-being
I'm going to go through some serious life changes this month, which means that I really need to stay on top of my shit and keep it together at all costs. It also means that some extra self-care days are going to be more than needed this month.

staying in the budget
I'm not going to lie here, I'm going to be broke as fuck which means that I need to pay some serious attention to the way I'm spending my money. I've been budgeting everything out during the past weekend and it's going to be hard. So very hard.

my yoga mat
I recently bought myself a new yoga mat, which has been amazing. Expect a blog post on that later on, however, I have been a bad friend to it lately. This month, I'm going to bond a relationship with it. Especially now that I'll be having plenty of time to do so.

I'm not going to set anything specific, as the times ahead will be a bit unsure. I just need a few simple things to hold on to while the things are getting tougher.

How does your April look like?


  1. Setting goals is always useful no matter if you stick to them completely or not! X

  2. 100% with you on budgeting. I make one each month (roughly) for bills and what's "leftover." but it's too easy to eat out, get coffee, and impulse pick up things. Recently found your blog, by the way, and like it a lot!

    1. impulse buys & impulse takeaways are my guilty pleasures haha


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