✖ oslo, you pretty little thing

I'm currently sat in a cute little chain coffee shop called Kaffebrenneriet in downtown Oslo as I am waiting for it to be the perfect time to head over to the airport. The weather these past few days I've spent here has been amazing, over 20°C degrees with sun, although today makes the exception for the rule and it's raining.

My friend left the flat early for work, and I've been travelling solo today. It's been a pretty fun journey so far. Oslo is such a beautiful city and an easy one to navigate.

It's been a great extended weekend away from home. I've gotten to clear my head a bit, managed to decline a few job offers (as I really like the place I already took a job from) and been walking like a maniac. I can already feel my hands shaking - not sure if it's because of the excitement of new things that are waiting for me at home or if it's the plane trip coming up in a few hours.

Or perhaps, I've just overdosed on caffeine.

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