✖ life lately: handing in my notice, finding a new job & trip to Norway

Well, well, well, it's been a while.

I feel like I want to update some of the big life changes I am going through at the moment. This time I've been away from writing anything on the blog has been going so fast. I didn't even realise that it was so long ago since I typed a post, so a little life update would be pretty damn great.

landing on a few job interviews
My hard work for finding a new job resulted in me in landing for a few job interviews which were pretty fabulous. After the first one, which was a group interview I felt like I lost my hope in some way. It went well, or so I felt but I don't think I was being social enough. The funny thing about group interviews is that they are flipping difficult even if you're the teeniest bit of an introvert.

the project madness at school
We are currently doing another project at school, for an actual customer. Like a real-deal customer so I've been focusing most of my energy in that. I'm already going to be away for a bit too much from school, so that's where I basically need to focus my energy into. It's also international, as we're doing the project with the exchange students from different countries which I find really nice. It's amazing to see the differences between Finnish and other cultures when it comes down to working in the same project together.

full stack web development course online
Course and online were probably the only words that rang any bells for you, but I'm doing a little extra coding-wise for the school and signed up for an extra coding course. It's been fun and it'll continue over the summer which is also nice. Coding is a funny thing as if you take a break, you'll most likely forget the touch you have for it and we don't have any coding courses at school at the moment.

taking care of our home
I've been on a full Spring cleaning mode lately. We've been selling a bunch of stuff, donated a lot more and I don't know, I'm still left feeling that there is too much stuff in our apartment.

spring flu
The Spring flu took me down for a little while during the past weekend. I had a temperature, my nose is stuffed and I've been coughing my lungs off so life has been pretty fun in the recent past.

finding a new job
I am proud to announce to you that I've landed on a new job. Was about the time already.

handing in my notice
Well duh, it's been a whirlwind of emotions this past almost five years but it was about the time already. If you ask me, I should've done it sooner, feels like a huge weight lifting from my shoulders.

I'm off to see my friend in Oslo after Easter and taking well-deserved time for myself before I'm starting in a new job.


  1. Loved reading this post, congratulations on the new job and enjoy your trip to Oslo x

  2. Yay! Congrats on the new job girl!! x


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