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OKAY GUYS, it's time to have a reality check. I've been a bit quiet about the whole Pipdig situation and to be honest, I've never used their blog templates, even though I've been a bit tempted to try them out and perhaps when they get their shit together I will eventually try them. And that's my opinion as a blogger.

My opinion as a developer though. Oh boy, what a mess of a code. Or well, the code was pretty itself, or as pretty as a sketchy code can look like.

And that's all I am ever going to say about the whole damn thing.

Today I am here for you. As a blogger to another, to share some free courses of basic coding that are useful for bloggers. Whether you're using Wordpress or Blogger, these skills come handy in future and you know, for everyone to understand better what all the fuss around the code was all about. I do not profit anything from sharing these, I just personally believe that as people who provide content for the Internet, should know the basics on how websites are built.

Codecamy for HTML and CSS
Codecamy is my favourite place to go to when I'm bored. And I'm not even joking, what a geek am I.
In Codecamy you can learn the basics for HTML and CSS. And what are those like in human language? HTML is shortened from HyperText Markup Language, which itself doesn't ring a bell to any human being but it's the code that every website is body and content is build for. A great memory trick is, that HTML is for the insides and CSS is for the looks.
CSS, shortened from Cascading Style Sheets, is the code you want to use to style your website to look like you want.

Basic example from HTML-code:
    <p>Hello World!</p>

This will create a basic website, where states "Hello World!".
HTML tag, in the beginning, tells the website that it's HTML-code that you're using. Body-tag is which wraps all the content that is in the body of your website. They will teach this all on their free course for basics of HTML.

HTML & CSS go pretty much by hand in hand, so all the CSS courses can be found under the same link.

Udemy for PHP
Wordpress rolls on pretty much with PHP, which is stands for Hypertext PreProcessor. It goes hand by hand with databases like MySQLi. This Udemy course for it is free, at least at the moment. I don't know how Udemy's online courses roll, as all my knowledge about this programming language has been learnt in school.


  1. Had to look up the Pipdig situation. Hoo boy....

    I can identify a theme from Pipdig from a mile away. There was a huge surge in popularity and it seemed everyone had a layout by them! That being said, I think it's useful to know how to at least tinker with the code of your theme if you'll be putting content out on the internet.


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