✖ the round up: making small changes this month

The small changes I planned to make this month:
✖ finish up a 30-day yoga challenge
✖ take care of my skin
✖ less coffee, more water
✖ take better care of my plants
✖ de-clutter the apartment
✖ plan my week on Sundays
✖ start taking vitamins
✖ practise handstands
✖ go to bed 9PM
✖ look for a new job

If you want to read about these changes I planned to make more thoroughly, I wrote a post at the beginning of this month about these changes and how I am going to keep them as flowing as possible. Despite my best effort, this month did not really go as planned. And today, I am going to share with you the reasons for it.

The changes, even the smallest ones take time. However, keeping up with a proper yoga schedule shouldn't be that hard if you just set your mind to it, huh? And I wasn't even ill this month.

the jet lag struggle
When we got home from Miami around 10 years ago, I slept the whole way back home. I slept during the flight from Miami to London, our 4-hour layover time in London, the whole flight from London to Helsinki and the 3-hour drive from Helsinki airport back home. Jet lag? No such thing!

This time, on the other hand... We had a direct flight from JFK to Helsinki airport. I happen to live "nearby" at the airport this time. I wasn't able to catch any sleep during the flight so I ended up watching movies instead. Went through every movie from Ralph Breaks the Internet to Star is Born, continuing to Bohemian Rhapsody. They're all flipping good by the way.
And when we landed at 9AM, by 10AM we were home and I did the worst anyone can do; fell asleep on the sofa. And that's how the cycle was created.

The next four days were spent me sleeping through the days and being awake through the nights. And I managed to get all the symptoms from not being able to sleep to spending my nights hugging the toilet because of nausea it caused me. It was super fun, would definitely recommend this experience for every single living being on this planet.

embracing my walking dead mode
Obviously, I was very tired throughout the month. Not that I already was, the jet lag struggle was adding its own bet for the game. Which actually led to the moment I forgot I had work one day. Not my brightest moments but sleep is vital on one's survival from the day to day life. So no, my plan on going to bed at 9PM didn't quite work out this month.

no sleep equals more anxiety
March was filled with so many new exciting things and experiences. The happiest I felt when was able to sleep, and not think about anything about my life in Finland when I strolled down the Brooklyn streets. I also realised that some bigger changes have to be made in order to feel that happiness again. I was content, I didn't stress, life felt pretty nice out there.

And while I wasn't sleeping, I was more anxious than I've ever been. Had panic attacks, tried to avoid situations that I thought caused them and ended up neglecting everything from drinking water, taking care of my skin and watering the plants. I also wasn't too fond to do yoga, clean up the apartment or basically do anything else than roll from one side of the bed to another. Vitamins? Haha.

the conclusion
My month was pretty fucked up.
Better luck in April.


  1. Def if you're trying to help with your skin, then the less coffee goal will be a good one. I did going to sleep by 9pm in Feb and I loved it. Had a nice night routine going and 9pm was like a magical sweet spot.

  2. Jet lag sucks! I'm sure April will be better, keep going :)


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