✖ my top tips for de-cluttering your social media this spring

I'm not much of a cleaning person, I mean I clean stuff up if I have to. But every three months I tend to do a full social media de-clutter which covers everything from Facebook to Twitter. Instagram and WhatsApp in the middle. In fact, those four social media platforms are the only ones I'm using at the moment if you don't count in LinkedIn for online CV purposes and connecting to people out there.

 why you should de-clutter your social media applications frequently?
For the sake of change. For the sake of limiting the amount of information, your brain has to handle. For the sake of your own well-being. The thing is, we get hit with a bunch of too much information each day for our brain to handle. And now that I said it out loud, you want to know how to save your brain from overheating? Ok, it depends on the brain which is too much and there's no such thing as a certain number of things our brain can handle. But my point is, it's easier to scroll through things without the fear of missing out on something if the amount of information keeps decent.

 it's okay to unfollow people you've been following
Let's cut the crap. I'm not saying following and unfollowing for your account growing purposes is acceptable, but I'm saying that if you've been following for someone for a while now and you're not feeling like you're getting anything out of following them, it's absolutely okay to unfollow them. I tend to go manually through everyone I follow every three months (it was awful at the very first time, took me ages but I'm glad I did) but I'm sure you are able to find some apps out there that will do it for you. However, I wouldn't use those "follow tracker"/cleaning apps for instagram, as in most of them you are giving the app the permission to follow and unfollow people for you. Just a little heads up about those. Let me know if you want me to dig into this deeper in a separate blog post!
But my main point is, you don't have to feel guilty for unfollowing someone. It's your social media, you decide what you include in your daily digests.

 it does fresh up your home feed
When you de-clutter the people you're following, it feels like you have a completely new feed on your hands. It's exciting, there are things from people you didn't even know you were following and it's brand new fresh content at your fingertips.

 why every three months?
If you'd do this weekly, the change would be constant. If you did this twice a year, the number of people you follow would grow so big it took you ages to go through every one.

How do you de-clutter your social media? Do you even de-clutter?


  1. Yes! I do this too but have actually gotten hate because of it. The way I see it though, I'd prefer people to stop following me if they're not engaging. You're not loosing anything!

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    1. You actually have gotten hate because of it? Whaat! Well those people should be let go then hahaha. You definitely aren't losing anything at all :-)


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