✖ Little Roy Coffee Co. | Brooklyn, New York

One of my main goals was to write a blog post, sat in a coffee in Brooklyn, New York during our trip so here we go. This one is coming to you straight from Little Roy Coffee Co., Brooklyn, New York. Or well, a few days later, as when this gets published, I'll be at home in Finland already.

✖ Saturday 16th of March, 2019
What were the odds that I'd find the cosiest little coffee shop within 700 meters from our rented apartment? I guess pretty good ones, as seems like every corner in Brooklyn is filled with some of the most Instagram-worthy coffee shops in the world.

Walking down the streets in Brooklyn has been so far one of the most amazing things I've experienced so far. And we've been here for a day, managed to visit in Manhattan and do so many things one can imagine. Yet I'm still drawn to Brooklyn. I guess Brooklyn is the perfect place for an introvert like me, it's conveniently attached to Manhattan but it's not too busy. I guess I could write a post about the busy lifestyle the New Yorkers seem to have and how contagious it is.

In this little coffee shop, plays calm music. I can see a couple in a table in front of me, they're both reading the days newspaper. Having a cup of coffee in front of them looks like this is a ritual for them. Once or twice they say something for each other, but I'm not a fan of eavesdropping.

The lady behind the counter is smiling, taking in orders while other locals are entering the coffee shop. She brings my oat milk latte and a grilled cheese sandwich for my husband. Which in his words was divine. And then, for a little while, I felt like I had found a place where I belong.

I knew, that in that very moment, in that very situation with my croissant, that was where I was meant to be. And hopefully, Brooklyn is something we get to live in the future. As it was truly wonderful.


  1. This is lush! Brooklyn has always appealed to me a little more as well, it seems like the perfect mixture of New York aesthetic and small city calmness. It sounds like you had an amazing time.

    Abi xo |

  2. Such a beautiful post! Hope you had an amazing time in NYC (which by the sounds of your social media, you absolutely did!) I'd love to take myself to a coffee shop and blog too!

    Jenny in Neverland

  3. This is such a perfect post! Getting to do something we’ve only ever dreamed of is such an incredible experience! I’m happy for you!



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