✖ teenaged me would be heartbroken

The news of the long-awaited return of beloved Disney fanatics daydream pop/rock band, Jonas Brothers spread like wildfire on the 1st of March this year. Like others, I was flipping over excitement. Or at least the twelve-year-old me still living inside of me was.

Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas especially (who caused my inner 12-year-old's emotional death when he got engaged, but the adult I was very happy for him, of course...), was one of my favourite bands back in the days when Disney Channel was still producing great content. This doesn't mean they aren't creating great content nowadays, but I'm referring to the good old Hannah Montana, That's So Raven & The Suite Life of Zack and Cody days.

So obviously I was excited about their new song, "Sucker", which was released at the very same day the news about their return embarked. And, I went and listened to their old albums. And, I got even more excited about their up and coming song.

what I loved about the song?
✖ it was catchy
✖ it had some small similarities with the old Jonas Brothers songs
✖ its music video

what I didn't necessarily like about the song?
✖ it's like every other song on the radio, but I guess it's going to sell
✖ they're drifting away from pop/rock and turning into pop

And I really do love rock songs.

I personally believe that they have made the decision together as brothers, and together with their label and start bringing their music from 2000's pop/rock to more into 2019's pop genre, but I'm necessarily not enjoying it. However, that's what is selling now and they are still having more meaningful lyrics than the songs that are hanging at the top charts currently. Oh, and actual instruments.

Teenaged me would be heartbroken if she heard their new song, but then again past is in the past and now is now. Things change.


  1. Really happy that the Jonas Brothers came back as well but I definitely noticed the difference in genre with their new song. I still like it and it's super catchy! I think it's nice to see how their taste in music and genre changed over time as well, and probably 2019 media influenced them to move towards pop.

    1. It's definitely something that'll sell!


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