✖ is busy-living contagious?

New York City, the city that never sleeps.

"Are everyone busier when the sun gets down? Feels like everyone is walking way faster to places!"
- "I guess they are, it certainly feels like that."

That's was our conversation on a Saturday evening last week when we headed to the Ambassador Theatre on Broadway to see Chicago, which was flipping amazing by the way.

In New York City, I noted two things. Out on the streets, people were speedwalking from a place to another and in the subway, everyone was sleeping like they've never slept in their lives before. I soon became to a realisation, that after they've been running around the city like maniacs, the only place where they were able to wind off, calm down and relax was the subway and that's when the sleepiness came in the picture.

In multiple occasions, I noted that we were getting sucked into the busy way of walking everyone else was walking around. It really messed up with my whole slow-living thing, as I intentionally try not to rush from a place to another to reduce stress. Of course, if I'm in a hurry you'll find me speedwalking in Helsinki, but it really hit me hard in New York. We weren't in a hurry to anywhere and yet we were walking from a place to another like we were late from a meeting.

I mean, how can one be late from a meeting with the Empire State Building? Just asking.

So is busy-living contagious? I would most definitely say so. Even though our trip to New York was absolutely amazing, I kind of hope we would have walked slower. We weren't in a hurry to anywhere. And that's why I loved our little Brooklyn strolls, they were calmer compared to Manhattan.


  1. I went to NYC back in 2016 and still remember the hustle and bustle of the city. I'm from Vancouver, BC and it's such a laid back city. I honestly wouldn't enjoy living in a busy city and being pushed from side to side. Although, as a fast walker when I'm in a rush, I do enjoy having people match my pace and not having to slow down behind people, haha.

  2. I used to live in a fairly busy city before moving to the country where nothing happens. Nothing at all.

    I miss the hustle and bustle of the city because I was able to pop round to the pub for a drink, or nip to a friend who lives around the corner. Now it's a feat just to go to the shop. It's so isolating in the country.

    That being said it's relaxing and we don't get any cold callers.

  3. I agree- it's totally contagious! I'm not someone who likes living in the fast lane either, but all too often find myself getting sucked into the rush around me. It's very stressful, and I don't think that speeding from place to place, or always being busy, makes us any happier. It distracts us from the world's beauty. Glad you managed to slow down in Brooklyn :)

  4. Well, i think you are right. People do rush to places and I have to admit I often do so too. Enjoying the world around in calmer pace makes a lot more sense and besides the fact that it is relaxing it can also help you soaking in a lot more impressions. Thanks for sharing that, wonderful written


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