✖ in New York, New York | a playlist to listen to this week

HEY, GUYS, I AM BAA-ACK! Did you miss me? Ok, perhaps none of you noticed I was even gone. Except for my cousin whom I've heard checks my blog out multiple times per week, haha. Hello there.

Before I get into my posts about the good old Big Apple, I wanted to share my New York City playlist on Spotify with you guys as a song recommendations this week just so when you read my posts, you can get into a mood and hear what I listened during our trip to there.

Holy crap, NYC was simply amazing and to be completely honest with you, I wish I was still there. But uni and other duties are calling (+we are working on a super exciting social media project for a fab company, which I'm really excited about) so until now, I had to come back to Helsinki.

I can't wait to go back one day, perhaps this time it won't be taking so long. I also really want to take D out there one day, and when we go, we'll spend there for more than a week.

By the way, jetlag is a real deal. Holy crap, don't know how I'm going to survive our exam about the history of the Internet today!


  1. Love this post! Some great song suggestions x

  2. Omg, I've wanted to go to New York forever! I'm going to check out your playlist for definite!

    Rhianna x

  3. Great Post-Idea!
    Going to New York this fall, so this was exactly what I needed😍

  4. Thanks for sharing your playlist! most of these songs I hadn't heard of before.
    Loren | Plaid & Sugar

  5. Looking forward to listening to this playlist!

    Abi xo |


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