✖ 5 feel-good series in Netflix you should watch

Sunday, how did you get here so soon?

How has everyone's weekend been so far? Today, I'm planning on being as useless as "g" in "lasagna" and binge-watch some Netflix! What are your go-to feel-good series on Netflix?

✖ ModernFamily
Modern Family is a classic by now! And its season 9 just landed on Netflix Nordic (was about the time already, tbh!) and I was there for it. And I'm not even ashamed to admit that I already watched it. And oh boy it was perfect wind off.

✖ Working Moms
Working Moms is a rather new Netflix add, and I was hooked since the very first episode. It's about these different mum's who are, as the title says, working. It's hilarious, it's relatable, the episodes aren't too long. It made me laugh, cry and laugh to tears.

✖ The Mick
Ever wondered how rich kids survive with their "not so successful" aunt when their parents go to jail? Then this is for you!

✖ Don't trust the bitch in apartment 23
There's James van der Beek, do I have to say more? It's about this small town girl who moves to New York, ends up as roommates with a girl whose best friend James is. They have this creepy, but a very nice neighbour in the building next to theirs and a crazy lady in downstairs.

✖ Sex Education
This is one of the weirdest setups I've seen on Netflix in a while. The characters seem to be British, but be in the American school system, which cracks me up a bit. But this is such a hilarious one and yet super educational, in its own way.


  1. I started watching 'Working Moms' the other week and it had me laughing, crying, and cry-laughing too! It is so good and 110% relatable! LOVE. I need to watch the others. I still haven't watched Sex Education and it feels like the whole internet has already moved on from it, ha.

    xo, Victoria

    1. IT'S SO GOOD, isn't it! Hahah, it's never too late to start the sex ed ;)

  2. Sex Education is SO good, I have loved it! Need to watch some more!

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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