✖ why my husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's day together?

Hey, happy Valentine's day y'all.

Once again it's the time of the year when your loved ones fill your house with balloons, chocolates and flowers. Or wait, no, I'm sorry. That's what happens on Instagram. My bad. However, I'm here to share some thoughts I have about Valentine's day.

The thing is, here in Finland Valentine's day isn't about your loved ones. Or the ones that have a special place in your heart and ones who you hope to tie the knot with. Valentine's day here is all about friendships.

The reason I'm typing out this post is mainly that so many of the people I've been talking about this, don't really understand why my husband and I rarely celebrate Valentine's with each other. He buys me flowers and chocolate and I let him have some of that chocolate, and look at the flowers he bought me and that's it. For us, it's not about the relationship we have together. For us, it's about the friendship we have with each other and other people. And what comes to the time after sending out "Happy Valentine's"-texts to our friends, it's a normal day.

Valentine's day translates into Ystävänpäivä in Finnish. Ystävä means friend and päivä means day. So it's basically the day of the friend. Which I believe is amazing, because the name of the day doesn't define who you get to spend it with. Anyone can be your friend, a stranger you met at the random line to a bar or your partner. Perhaps someone you've known for years. And no one feels left out, because they might not have that special one yet. Since there's always someone for someone.

How do you spend your Valentine's?


  1. This was so interesting. You never stop to think about how things mean something different in other languages/ cultures. It's fascinating. I've never celebrated it either but that's mainly because I don't see the point 😂. People have always found that strange x


    1. I think the only point for it is that they want us to buy enormous amounts of chocolate XD

  2. This is lovely. I like that the love of "Valentine's day is spread to everyone because essentially there are different kinds of love besides the romantic one between a couple. You can also celebrate love with your family, friends and children.Loved this!

    1. YAS! You can celebrate it whoever you like, no matter what's your relationship status.


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