✖ what makes a grown-ass man to text sexts to pre-teens?

A Finnish tabloid, Iltalehti, published 18th of February 2019 an article, where two of their journalists went to Kik messenger and pretended to be 13-year-olds. They wanted to research the sexual harassment that is happening in Social Media and especially in anonymous networking applications. They pointed out how easy it is to lie your age to a social media app and how crucial it is for parents to know what their kids are doing in social media. And it's true, it's crucial to know what the kids are doing in social media but it's also true that there are only so little things we can protect our children from.

What we can do, instead of monitoring every single thing our kid does on the Internet, we can raise them in a way that they can come and talk to us no matter what they stumble upon there. We can educate ourselves to know what to do in situations like those, in order to explain why some people contact them in sexual ways and in order to know what to do when sexual harassment (which that is, nothing else) occurs to our children.

I think it's time for us parents, and grown-ups to take responsibility. Not in a way that we would lose the trust between us and our children, and the privacy that is their right which means that us as parents cannot secretly scroll through their smartphones when they are asleep. It's time for us, as grown-ups to be aware what is happening in the World Wide Web, right in front of our eyes and start finding effective solutions for how to deal with the situations like these.

One of the biggest questions in my head at the moment is this: what makes a grown-ass man to text sexts to pre-teens? I mean, they all can't be paedophiles, can they?
During their research, they said there were plenty of men who backed off when they found out how old these girls were the journalists created but there were also men, who didn't give a shit about their age. These "girls" were asked questions like "what's your favourite thing about fucking?" and told how they would "lick their porcelain pussies, pull their huge dicks in and out that pussy" and other things, even worse which I am not going to type here. But just to get you the picture. Also, my personal favourites; dick picks were sent to the "girls". A lot.

And the second biggest question in my head is: how can we stop these things from happening? Is there a way to stop these things from happening?

Unfortunately, I already have the answer to the second question. There is no way we can stop this happening to our children, or even us. I still get my fair daily share of dick pictures on social media. But what we can do instead of accepting the fact that we and our children get sexually harassed on social media, to fight for the better future.

Things we can fight for:
✖ better legislation, come on, it's 2019.
✖ update our laws to cover sexual harassment even on social media

There are also things we can educate ourselves on. We can do our research and simply choose not to close our eyes from things our children see on social media on a daily basis. We can build a relationship with our children, where they don't feel uncomfortable to let you know if something like this happens to them. We can educate our children about harassment, as they should know what it is, instead of accepting the fact that the downside of social media is just receiving dick pics on a daily basis.

We can also do our research and find out where to contact if something like this happens to our children. And we should. The time is up, it's not about us grown-ups receiving abuse online anymore. It has never been. Our children are going through these things too, and we should not close our eyes from it. We have to step up, educate ourselves and our children. And I'm glad someone finally brought this up and out in the open. These things need to be discussed.

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  1. I really love that you mentioned the law. If it's illegal in reality, it should be illegal on social media, too. Great post x


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