✖ twentyøne piløts | 060219 @ Helsinki Ice Hall

HEY-OO, it's Saturday! Or well, I'm currently living on last Sunday as I am writing this little piece on a train on my way home from Turku and as I like to be on top of the things (and I'm not allowed to fall asleep on this train ride as my sleep routines are all officially fucked and I've got a 4am wake up in the Monday morning...).

Twentyone Pilots performed at Helsinki Ice Hall last week and guess who went there! I did! Again!
This was my second time I've seen them perform live, and like the last time, it was absolutely wonderful. They played all the songs I wanted to hear, except "House Of Gold" which I would have loved to hear but I can absolutely live with that as they played it during their previous tour so I've heard them perform it live before.

Their gig was everything one could expect. They had a flipping burning car up there! It was so effin' cool. I mean, if I was a performing artist I'd totally have over $300 ukulele and I'd play it standing at the roof of a burning car. It's was absolutely amazing, and definitely, an improvement compared to their previous world tour. I think it could possibly have something to do with their increased budget for the tour, as nowadays they're more known and popular. So it's kind of obvious.

It was simply amazing. Nothing beats live music, eh?


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