✖ how to split photos for Instagram? | Adobe Photoshop tutorial

Recently, I posted a picture of our trip to Northern-Norway on my Instagram. I've been spending some time with trying to up my Photoshop editing skills (I've been neglecting the whole desktop app for flipping ages now, because it was in Finnish and I have no clue how to use it in Finnish but I switched the language, finally and now I'm back at my game) during the sick leave I had in January.

Getting back to Photoshop was so much fun, and for my first edit, I decided to go for splitting photos for Instagram. You know those seamless two-post pictures, one picture divided into two frames. I got asked how to actually do it, so I decided to go for it and share a tutorial for it over here.

I'm really bad at explaining myself, so thanks for bearing me with this.

step 1 - cropping the picture and setting the right ratio
You want to open the image you want to split for Instagram in Photoshop. Just get right to it and click the "crop tool" on the left side of your screen. After choosing the crop tool, the ratio options will appear to the toolbar on top of the screen.
You want to set this ratio to 12:5 and it should look like in the picture down below. When you've set the crop tool over the parts you want to include in your picture, just hit enter on your keyboard.

step 2 - setting a guide layout
Setting a guide layout is crucial for splitting the image equally for Instagram. You can set as many columns as you like, but for a two-picture seamless Instagram post you're going to want to set it as "2". Once you set it, it'll give you guidelines for actually splitting the image.
There will be something previously set for "gutter", but you can just leave it empty so it doesn't fuck the seamless effect up.

step 3 - slicing the picture using the guides
Now that we've set the guidelines, we want to slice the picture by using them. For doing that, you're going to want to right click the crop tool on the left side of your screen and choose a tool called "slice tool". Then, just like we set the ratio previously, you can easily find a button saying "slices from guides" at the top of your screen, click that and voila! You've successfully sliced your picture.

step 4 - exporting your slices
File -> Export -> Save for web
Then, at the very right at the opening window, switch the picture file to jpeg and set the quality to 100. Then click save, and you're good to go! Transfer the pictures on your phone and post them to Instagram by using the photo carousel.


  1. Such a useful post! I love seeing photos like that on Instagram. They're just a little bit different x

    1. I'm so happy to hear that you found this useful! :-)

  2. I love the realness of blogging voice- it sounds as if we're speaking face to face haha. I love seeing these photos on instagram and although they're not personally my style, I can definitely appreciate the creativity behind them! I hope you had a fab time away.


    1. Haha, I'm so happy to hear that! :-) Thank you!

  3. Thanks for this, a very helpful guide indeed. I am constantly working on new themes on my Instagram @roseygoldbox but I'll definitely use this in the future x


    1. Oh, I'll keep my eyes peeled over at your insta then!

  4. A great skill to know! thanks for sharing how you do it!


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