✖ how to jump in for opportunities as an introvert?

The definition of an introvert is someone who prefers calm,
minimally stimulating environments.
Introverts tend to feel drained after socialising and regain
their energy by spending time alone.

But how to jump in for new opportunities when you necessarily are not the type of person who would want to do that? When you're not the type of person, who would dive straight head first in new social situations? As a fellow introvert, I've got a few tips for you.

✖ try to find some alone time before and after
Whatever you do, it's going to be socially draining. However, I've found that for me personally, I need to find some alone time before and after. This is the reason I wake up at 4AM when I don't have to be at work before 6AM. Even though I'm out of our front door by 5AM, I've gotten some valuable alone time all by myself and my cup of coffee. Also, when I get home from work I can have several hours to myself before the rest of the family is home.
The worst day is Thursday. It's when I don't get that alone time after school at all, so Thursdays are always hardest for me.

✖ learn to know yourself
When you know yourself, you know your limits. When you know yourself, you're able to push those limits.

✖ hop on to a "yes"-challenge
Last year, I found myself saying yes to a bunch of things I would have normally said no to. It gave me the confidence to actually go and do things, to jump in for new opportunities. Of course, there were days when I needed to be by myself and perhaps even cancel the plans I had previously said yes to.

✖ find a balance between all things I mentioned above
And it gets a bit easier.


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