✖ ford has designed a bed and all I can think about is how to have sex in it

YES, you read the title right.
YES, it's that Ford.

According to Digital Trends, Ford has come up with a bed by using their lane-keeping system, which is their safety-focused driver-assist technology, which simply keeps your car on its lane by using sensors that analyse the road markings. But how can you use this technology in a bed?

To be honest, I believe it's a brilliant idea. However, it makes me wonder will the bed keep you from having sex? Do you have to turn it off when the action between the sheets is happening?
Or like their slogan, is this meant for the couples who are more creative with their physical activities and do it somewhere else than on their bed?

It's just a prototype, though. But still, I'm intrigued to find out how it'll work out in the end.


  1. I hadn't heard about this until I saw this post but I literally had the exact same thought. The idea of having to turn the bed sensors on and off made me crack up x


    1. I knoooow right! It's still a prototype so I hope they'll come up with something hahah XD

  2. Absolutely brilliant 🤣 Fingers crossed that they Will actually start selling these!

    1. Hahaha, I hope they'll figure out the issue I was worried about before that happens!


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