✖ for a train journey | 5 songs to listen to this week

WELL HELLO THERE WEDNESDAY! Thanks for being patient with me, you guys. My week did not start as expected and that's why everything's been a bit quiet around here for almost a week. I'm currently sat on my sofa as I'm typing this post, wrapped in a blanket like a burrito.
I managed to catch a cold during the weekend, which really doesn't surprise me in any way knowing that my immune system is basically shit, and I've been basically sleeping off the 38,5°C degree fever these past three days. However, it's time for my weekly song recommendations!

I've spent a lot of time on a train last week (a reason for the title), and holy crap how amazing things I got to experience during the weekend. Guys, wonderful things happen when you least expect them to happen. So hold on to those great moments you are able to experience and cherish them for the rest of your life.

And I don't know where I'm gonna go, but I don't care I'm on the road. Never been a perfect soul but I will not apologize. Been a lot of places in this life, and I did a lot wrong I can't make right. Never been a perfect soul but I will not apologize.
✖ "Apologize" by grandson
This is actually the first song I've heard from grandson and it swept my feet off, that's how much I enjoy listening to it. Also, it gives me these "you're a tough cookie" vibes, which makes me love it even more. It's quite new, it was published early this month.
I jump off and into your arms but I can't trust the fall. Take my voice, I'm giving it though I don't feel safe at all.
✖ "The Fall" by Half Alive
I recently just discovered this band, and I can't believe how Twenty One Pilot-ish it sounds! And I'm absolutely loving it. Their lyrics are quite melancholic just like with Twenty One Pilots and I think that's what I personally find the most attractive in their songs. Also the flow of their songs, it's so smooth and easy to fall into.
I really tried to be good, but goodness, won't come easy to me. You're too good in your old ways, in others you're evil like me.
✖ "Never Alone" by White Lies
The very first time I heard this song it instantly gave me those travel vibes. You know the feeling when you sit on a bus, listen to this and imagine you're on a music video? This song is it. And it's uplifting melody adds some extra in it. Just letting that feeling go straight through you and perhaps for a little while, everything feels okay.
As we slow dance, I became your statue, frozen. 'Times I wonder, are we just a puff of smoke? Yeah. Underneath this bed of ashes, still withholding everything. Like we were never close.
✖ "Ready To Let Go" by Cage the Elephant
I'm currently obsessed with this song. I love the mood, the instruments, the lyrics. Everything in it. And it's so easy to fit it in some sort of a life event of your own. So it's basically everything you need from a song.
Hold on, nothing's forever. I know, things will get better. Tired of the radio, it never makes me feel the way it should.
✖ "Radio" by Busted
Busted recently came up with a new album, which I haven't gotten so deeply into yet. It's on my to-do list but one of the songs popped out instantly and I found myself listening to this song multiple times last week. So it's definitely worth to be recommended.

What have you been listening to lately?


  1. I love your first pic by the way!!! Your expression is full of bliss and you look like you’re totally ready to rock on! 🤘🏽💕 I actually always love your pics tbh! They’re always so soft and for your playlist it sounds like the perfect chill vibe for ride. The only song I actually know is the one form White Lies, great pick!

    xx Lena |

    1. I'm so glad to hear you like my pictures! Means the world to me, thank you :-)

  2. This is a bit embarrassing but I hadnt heard of any of these songs! On YouTube right now!

    1. Hahah, you can actually click those green things. They're links to Spotify :-)

  3. Yas cage the elephant! Great picks this week 😍😍

    - Sugi Says

  4. I love this post and always love new song recommendations. I recently discovered Cage the Elephant and have been listening non-stop. I have now adddd all the songs from this list onto my playlist, thank you! 💕

  5. Thanks for sharing, I'm always looking for new songs xx

  6. I'm so out of touch, I haven't listened to any of these songs yet! I did like Busted years ago - it'll be great to hear some of their new music xxx


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