✖ february, the month of love

EY, we made it to the February? January wasn't that long at all, right? Usually, it feels like January lasts for ages but I have to admit, this time it went in the blink of an eye.

February is going to be an exciting month for me, personally and I can't wait to share more about it with you as the month goes on. Back in the days when LTWJ still was a thing, I used to set myself monthly goals for blogging. However, this time, as this blog is about me discovering myself (how selfish can one sound?), I've themed the months for the year and this month is all about love. And my love of making lists. And setting goals.

This month I decided to focus on things I love and set some goals, then get started from there. So here are my goals for the month:

✖ finish up a 30-day yoga challenge
✖ turn off all notifications from your phone for the whole month, except the important ones like iMessage, calls and WhatsApp
✖ read at least one book which isn't uni-related
✖ drink more water

The thing is, my Yoganuary went a bit under a bench after I caught an ear infection and combining that with yoga really didn't work out the way I would have wanted. Yoga is one of those things which have been keeping me sane lately. Also, I really suck at drinking water.

There are also three exciting events happening this month, next week actually.
✖ 21pilots performing live at Helsinki ice hall
✖ Pikkulaskiainen student event in Turku
✖ Ruishelmi winter music festival in Turku

Oh! And later this month we're off for a small trip to North. Exciting things happening, but if this blog seems to be a bit quiet next week it's because I'm hungover in Turku.

What goals & plans you have for the month?


  1. I think it's great to set small, achievable goals each month. I've wanted to get back into yoga for months now but I'm not sure where to start - classes or in my own home.

    1. I think you should get back to it where ever you feel most comfortable! :-)


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