✖ some things that could make me insanely happy at the moment

I have been blessed, or cursed, pick your top choice, with the worst flu there can be flavoured with an extremely bad ear infection. While I'm sat here on my sofa, wrapped in a blanket like a burrito trying to turn this negative experience in my life to a positive one, imagining that at least I'm able to write I decided to share some things that could make me insanely happy at the moment. And well, the end of the sick leave isn't one of them. However, it sort of bugs me that I'm not able to go to uni and attend the programming course I've been insanely excited about.

woman sitting on a sofa, holding a yellow moomin mug

It's 11pm and while I could use this time usefully, by trying to fix my sleeping pattern I took a 4-hour nap today instead. For starters, I'm going to take a sip of my extremely sketchy Scottish tea and start dreaming my life away.

A funny story about this "extremely sketchy Scottish tea": It's basically normal Scottish tea, which I brought back home from Scotland but I brought it back in a ramen noodle wrapping. Thought it would be nice to eat noodles while staying at our Airbnb, went to Aldi and bought some, realised that they were the worst noodles I've ever eaten. Although, the wrapping was very useful for the tea we split with my travel companion.

top down picture of two coffee cups on a wooden table
✖ One thing that could make me happy at the moment is a long, hot bath.
I love how I begin these with the things I'm not able to have. Unless some of you guys want to purchase me a night in a hotel with one for my birthday next week? I can DM you my PayPal deets. Nah, that was just a joke even though I wouldn't say no to a proper bath at the moment. In my dream house, there will be a bathtub. Actually, I'm making a decision that in the next apartment I'm about to live there will be a room for a bathtub or else I won't be living there.

✖ A cup of hot chocolate could make me happy as well.
I'm not a needy person, I love simple and little things. Sometimes as little as a cup of hot chocolate or flower bouquet brought to me after a long day at work. Looks like I'm into warm and cosy things when it's -25°C degrees outside and a shitload of snow. The only thing missing from my list is the sauna.

 ✖ An adventure to some place new.
I'm not the type of a person who likes staying in one place for a long time. I mean, I live for the quote "if we were meant to stay at one place the rest of our lives we'd have roots instead of feet."
I actually have some adventures planned, though I'm going to have to wait for a little while for them. I'm not going to say no to a little weekend getaway though if someone would suggest me one. Or a night out with my buddies.

I encourage you to stop and think, what would make you happy in this very moment. We rarely do stop and think about the things that are making us happy and little dreaming never killed anyone. You can write them on a piece of a paper, or share them with me in the comment box down below. Keep them in some place safe & never give up on your dreams, eh?


  1. A cup of hot chocolate would be amazing right now! YES! Otherwise, I have my eye on a job (or two) and I wouldn't mind having an interview lined up in the near-future. That would make me very, very happy!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery,

    xo, Victoria

    1. OOH, I hope you'll get the job you want!

  2. I dream of going back to school to finish my education somewhere I love ❤️

    1. YAS, keep on dreaming and smash it! It's going to happen & you're going to be amazing :-)

  3. I cold really drink a cup of hot chocolate right now! I'm like you, I'm a person for the simpler things too! xx

    Lucy |

    1. Simple things are the greatest pleasures in life xx


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