✖ busy life hacks

Life gets hectic at times and while it's important to try and stop, sometimes stopping during the weekdays is basically impossible. Especially if you're like me and you're studying full-time, working part-time and rest of the time you've got in your hand you're looking after a toddler.

Don't have time for yourself? I got you covered.
Don't have time for cleaning the apartment? I got you covered.
Don't have time for breakfast? I got you covered.

Let's hack our busy lives because sometimes it's just needed.

when you don't have time for yourself
✖ take extremely long showers so you can be alone with your thoughts and you can easily add a face mask or two to this combo, hair mask. Just sit on that floor and sing, if that's something that floats your boat (it floats mine).
✖ book yourself a yoga class outside your home. I'm a firm believer in doing yoga at home but since my ex-coworker dragged me into an actual yoga with an actual people in it and we've been doing this for a few times per month, it was a gamechanger. If yoga is not your thing, try to find something else.
✖ lock yourself in your closet and eat that chocolate in peace.
✖ be selfish at times, because how can you look after someone else if you won't look after yourself too?

when your apartment is a mess again
✖ shut down the lights when it gets dark and you won't see the mess around you.
✖ always make sure that the dirty dishes go into the dishwasher and that the dishwasher gets emptied when it's finished.
✖ dedicate one day for decluttering everything, and I mean everything, you have. Less stuff you've got, less you have to clean.
✖ lock yourself in your closet and eat that chocolate in peace.

when you don't have time for breakfast
✖ be like me and skip it. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone though, but if you feel like you want to live on the edge, then sure, go for it.
✖ plan ahead and prepare your breakfasts the day before. Did I hear you mention overnight oats? Here's a quick recipe for one!

kiwi-banana overnight oats
     ✖ one banana
     ✖ 2 kiwi fruits
     ✖ 2dl oats
     ✖ 2dl water

     ✖ fresh banana & kiwi on top

Peel and dice the fruits. Measure oats and water in a bowl, add fruits and mix them with a stick blender. Let it stay in the fridge overnight (or at least half an hour if you want it right at that very moment). Add fresh fruit on top and enjoy.

Do you have any busy life hacks to add to this list?


  1. Overnight oats are my saviour! I am OBSESSED. Same goes for chia seed puddings and smoothies. I'm also a huge fan of chocolate-eating, in any room of the house ;)

    xo, Victoria

    1. I really would like to have some chocolate at the moment :D


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