✖ oh you, Tinder

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Yes guys, and gals, it's official.
I've gone and fucking downloaded Tinder on my iPhone.
I never thought I'd get so low in life but after all, I've basically got nothing to lose anymore so I thought "what the hell" and instantly felt my dignity banging its head on a wall for a little while.
I think she might be dead now, haven't heard from her lately.

Don't get me wrong. Tinder is a wonderful place for anyone who's looking for basically anything. I was in a hope to find someone who'd buy my dirty lingerie for kinky purposes and would end up paying all my living costs (haven't found one yet, hit me up if you know someone) and someone who wasn't going to steal my Moomin mugs after we've built a lovely detached house with a white fence and who will most likely end up with the custody of a golden retriever we got together. But it sure as hell isn't for me.

If you're not ready to hear a brutal and honest opinion on Tinder, as raw as it gets, please go on and enjoy your life and read something else. As the shit is going to get real right now.

Tinder is full of superficial and shallow asshats (of course, not everyone), who don't really know what they're looking from there and who will not know what the main reason for swiping right actually is. Perhaps, it's a fun game to play? Perhaps, you'll find an easy hook-up from there? Perhaps, you're looking for someone to talk to and forget who you are for a little while. Perhaps, while you're swiping a person looking like Joe Sugg appears on your screen and says his name is Kevin, and Kevin is not looking for anything serious except a warm and fuzzy companion for cold Autumn nights.

As a software (and since I'm a future developer), Tinder is full of glitches and annoying bugs. Although I never paid anything for the app, perhaps Tinder Gold is much better (it's probably not). The software is slow and the messages aren't really working. You may tap a conversation with Kevin but end up open a conversation with Josh. Imagine how awkward it will be if you hit send before you realise who you're chatting with. Usually, you design an app hooking enough to get people to spend more time in them. On Tinder, it's basically changing other communication details as fast as possible so you won't have to use the actual app for what it's actually made for: communicating with new people near you. It's like the developers want the users to get the fuck out of their app as soon as possible.

The next one is based on fully my own personal experience.
There were actually people of my age, who would've gladly fucked me if I had let them. I still got it, but that's not who I am.
When I downloaded Tinder and set up a profile for myself there, I instantly felt like turning into a piece of meat on sale at the grocery store. I was admired that the number of likes reached 99+ in less than 10 minutes but it made me feel dirty as fuck. I found out that I still got it, felt like the person I've spent the most of my little life has actually been pretty lucky to have me.

I found out, that not only 20-year-old hockey kids and over 40-year-old married men were interested in me. There were actually people of my age, who would've gladly fucked me if I had let them. I still got it, but that's not who I am.

I rather end up meeting interesting people in the line waiting to get in the bar.
I rather end up meeting interesting people whilst waiting for a bus at a bus stop.
I rather end up meeting interesting people anywhere else, than on Tinder.

✖ Laila Pullinen - a Sculptor in Vantaa

Monday, 21 October 2019

Artsi, an art gallery located to pretty close to where I live got a new exhibition in and while I had some time to spare I went to check it out. Believe me, I don't know a single thing about sculptures. Or how they're created, but boy they were impressive.

My experiences with sculpturing go way back to the times when I participated in an Arts Club during the Middle School to High School. We moulded something from clay and during the summer we had an intensive week in the forest where we would greate sculptures in the forest out of peat blocks. Such fun times, and great memories to cherish.

In general, the exhibition was such an eye-opening thing to go through. There were placements where the finished work would meet the sketches Pullinen had drawn and you were able to compare them together. It was pretty fun, even though I wasn't allowed to bring my coffee cup to the gallery haha.

Though I got to leave it to the front desk to wait for me, and there it still was.
Unpoisoned, as I'm still not dead. 

✖ breakfast in Turku

Sunday, 20 October 2019

It appears so that in order to get my camera outside of the house nowadays requires my friend Maija, and going to Turku if anything. I'm not a breakfast type of a gal myself unless you count a pan of coffee as a first thing in the morning as breakfast, then I think I could be. So when Maija started eating her brekkie, I took a camera and let my inspiration flow for a little while. Goodness, how great that felt. More of those type of days, please.

You're in Helsinki area in Finland and fancy booking a shoot with me? Hit me up by email at or DM me on my insta and we'll get a cuppa & those instaworthy pictures sorted. 

✖ why we collectively hate Greta Thunberg

Friday, 4 October 2019

Before I begin, this is not a blog post to tear Greta Thunberg down. So if you came for that, I'm going to sincerely tell you to get your ass to somewhere else. Also, to note that most of this post is written pretty sarcastically, so just so you know.

Holy shit, that young woman is an extraordinary person, incredibly smart and someone I hope our children will look up to one day. Fuck, the girl is 16 and has done so much for the whole freaking planet, or for the very least got us all talking about the planet and the state of it.

I'm 24 and I look up to her. She's an massive inspiration to all of us.
But why are we collectively hating her? She's done nothing but said out loud the truth. Or wait for a second, is that why?

But I gathered a list. Get ready people, I have a list.

✖ she's young
The thing most adults must hate is when a young person opens their mouth and tells them how they should live their lives. That's exactly what Greta is doing, and oh boy how much the adults hate it. Is there a child who knows better? There can't be! What is this?

 she's loud
Adults hate when kids are being loud. And that being said, Greta has been incredibly loud about what she wants to say. She wants to let the adults know that the world can't keep rolling like this, and if it does, we're on our way to mass extinction.

✖ she has a point
The thing is, that adults hate even more is a kid, who happens to be loud and who actually has a point in what she's saying. It's not that adults don't know about those things, it's because they don't care and now there's a child basically forcing them to care about it.
All they care about is economic growth. Does reducing things for the sake of the planet bring them money? No, it won't. But oh to imagine to have all that money when the world is not good for us to live in anymore. Whatcha gonna do with all of that money then, huh?

Wouldn't it be time to us adults to accept that in the year of 2019, kids, young women, women in general, anyone, can make a noise about anything they want without the rest of us picking upon them? What are you, children? Ha, a child can behave better than you all. And time for us to accept that the girl has a point. Something has to be done.

✖ thoughts about starting a second year in uni

Monday, 9 September 2019

My second year has officially started and I've been back to uni for a couple of weeks now. The beginning was slightly chilled, especially because the whole Autumn semester is going to be spent discussing topics around AI and digital arts. We have someone who is professionalised in digital arts to teach the course, and personally, I've been flipping excited about it.

We're also doing trips to the woods, which obviously made me even more excited. Couldn't have had a softer landing back to the uni life after a long summer vacation. We're also being taught the basics of visual design and some entrepreneurship things later during the year, and I'm excited about them both. I'm pretty interested in building my own business from scratch, whatever it will include when the time is right.

The Autumn semester is going to end with our own projects that will include some of the stuff we've learned during the semester and there's an option on doing it alone or in groups. It excites me as well, as I'm a lone wolf. I am able to work in groups and I generally enjoy group work, but it's nice to be able to do something on my own as well.

This is definitely one of those semesters I can imagine raising some questions about am I actually graduating to a proper job title if you ask my relatives. But you know, do what makes you happy, right?

✖ my Autumn bucket list

Friday, 6 September 2019

I don't care when your Autumn begins, but mine begins when the calendar tells me it's September. Mainly, because in Finnish it's called Syyskuu. Syyskuu basically means Autumn Moon, so it's Autumn if you ask me.

I decided to gather around a little bucket list for myself for the Autumn, and you guys must know, I'm a huge fan of lists. Lists make my life complete and the chaos it is, it makes it make sense.

"Been thinking about my small life, depressed on my bed laid on my back, will I ever get up from here? Blinds closed, same records on a loop in my head, my pj's on at home all alone."
my Autumn bucket list
✖ wander through the forests nearby
✖ see the leaves change their colour
✖ do a little trip to Lapland
✖ spend a weekend away in a hotel with a bathtub, all by myself
✖ visit Turku, Finland
✖ not miss a day at uni
✖ work my ass off
✖ spend time with my loved ones
✖ get over a huge loss I've had to deal with lately
✖ burn scented candles
✖ drink hot chocolate
✖ watch crazy amounts of reality TV
✖ go for an evening walks
✖ watch stars in the middle of the night
✖ take my camera out more often
✖ drink oat milk latte
✖ book an appointment to a therapist
✖ enjoy days getting darker
✖ wait for winter

What's on your Autumn bucket list?

✖ 3 reasons to visit in the woods every day

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Yes, I mean it. Every damn single day. Whether it's raining, the sun is shining, snowing. There's always a good reason to visit in the forest.

I've been spending most of my summer in the forest, if I haven't been living in a sin and gotten myself drunk as fuck at the music festivals throughout the summer. And it's done wonders to me, which is why I cannot recommend it enough for you to do as well. Find a perfect spot in the woods for yourself and let all the good vibes sink in.

✖ it improves your mental health
There have been some studies which state that spending time in the woods improves your mental health. And to be fair, I can approve that message. I think I've been a whole lot more anxious if I hadn't gone to the woods on my own for a little while. As many times, that it has become a habit for me and I'm kind of getting anxious if I'm not able to go to the woods for a little while. The quietness, the smell, the focus on simply just being there and minding your steps each time you move, it does wonders to you.

✖ it connects you with the Mama Earth
Finns are funny creatures. Finnish people are built-in with the need to spend time in nature. It's in our blood, in our bones and in our culture. Not all of us, but that's the most Finnish part I have and I am fully embracing it. Mama Earth hasn't been doing well for a while now, and it absolutely breaks my heart. That's why at times, as crazy as it sounds, it's good to wander around touching the ground, hug the trees and be grateful for the beautiful world we are living in. It's something that shouldn't be taken for granted and it's something the people have been taking for granted for a really long time. That's why Mama Earth has become ill and is trying to remove the virus from itself. We should appreciate what we have until it's gone. Take a hint Brazil.

✖ it boosts your creativity
Ever went to the forest without your smartphone? Do it. And thank me later.

✖ Chi Modu x Artsi: Uncategorized

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

HEY-OO, did I hear there was a photography exhibition just around the corner? Oh well, I sure did and today I'm here to chat a bit about it.

I've been struggling with life lately, like on next level struggling, so I've tried to suffocate my feelings with three things: work, yoga and art. This visit falls to the latter category.

Artsi is an art gallery in Myyrmäki, Vantaa, Finland and it happens to be a place I pass by quite frequently on my way to uni and back. And for a little visit to a little gallery to drown into art, it's absolutely perfect for me. Another thing I've been visiting quite frequently is the library right next to the gallery but that's a story for another day.

Chi Modu is American-Nigerian photographer, who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. As if you look closely to the pictures in my picture, you can see some huge rap/hip hop legends in the images he has shot. Yup, Wu-Tang-Clan and Snoop Dogg. Even Tupac Shakur.

I was excited to visit this exhibition, as it was previously in my hometown, Pori, Finland back in 2013 and I was told there were some new pictures in the one held at Vantaa. To be fair, I didn't remember which ones were the ones I hadn't seen yet but it didn't matter as the pictures were flipping good anyway.

It was a morning well spent.

✖ greetings from a reality tv junkie

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Reality TV is my guilty pleasure, you know.
It's something I get caught up on very easily, unless if it's the Finnish version of Love Island, which I absolutely cannot stand. The UK version is much better.

The thing is, Big Brother made its very welcome return to the Finnish reality TV world, and I've been obsessed ever since. It has also done wonders to my Twitter activity. I've been neglecting all my social media accounts over the past month, and to cry out loud my impressions are now passed by the stats in two days compared to August.

Following BB 24/7 has become easier now, than ever before. We already had the account for the online streaming service thanks to Temptation Island earlier this year, and I'm not going to lie, it's on at the background right at this very moment I'm writing this blog post.

Perhaps that was all that I needed to write a post.
So here I am, I'm not dead.
I'm just a reality TV junkie.

Also, really trying to get a grip with the blog again.
Also trying to hold on to my life again. It's been tough.
Just bear with me.

✖ Ed Sheeran | Helsinki-Malmi Airport 240719

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Honestly, I never thought this day would come. The day when I get to see an artist, that I look very much up to. The thing is, I don't listen to Ed Sheeran on a daily basis, but he's got some songs that have travelled with me to a bunch of places and memories. And another thing is, and there's simply no denying it, the man has talent.

It's amazing what one can do with just an acoustic guitar, pedal and with his voice. The thing about the pedal is, that you can loop different sounds together and what I managed to count he once had 8 loops going on at the same time. And when it comes to loops, you need to time them precisely or otherwise, it will end up sounding like shit, and the dude knew his loops.

It was such an amazing gig to watch.
The weather was flipping amazing.
And for a few hours, everything was completely fine in the world.

✖ one broken bone and a few other things from the weekend

Monday, 22 July 2019

Howdy there, you lovely lot.
I've gone in total radio silence for the weekend when it comes to this blog but it's a new week and new shenanigans ahead of us, right?

Let's throw it back to the weekend, as it sure was an eventful one. Oh boy, like really an eventful one.

We arrived at my mum's place on Friday and managed to be there for an hour when J announced he fell with my younger brother's scooter and can't set any weigh on his left foot anymore. It ended up being swollen, and he wasn't able to move his toes anymore so we drove down to the local hospital in Pori where they told him that he actually managed to break his bone during the fall.

One broken bone didn't stop him attending to Pori Jazz festival with us though, and we managed to get a long lost picture of me and my friend at the premises. Christina Aguilera was performing there that evening and I'm still kind of sad I didn't go to see her perform.

Saturday was spent taking things a bit slower, even though my friend held a festival themed birthday party at her cottage in Nakkila. It was super fun, despite the fact that I had minor anxiety on seeing people I haven't seen in ages. It all went well though, despite the anxiety and I managed to have a lovely night out there.

How was your weekend? Did you break any bones, hehe? 

✖ Legoland Billund, is it truly worth a visit?

Thursday, 18 July 2019

In May, during our little road trip to Denmark, we visited in the famous amusement park which was all about those plastic bricks you step on in a dark room and try not to scream waking the owner of them up. You know, it's Legoland I'm talking about.

When you go to the Legoland with a 2,5-year-old you really don't get to see anything else than the small cities that are built from Lego's. I mean honestly, it's full-on five hours looking at the same boat going around the same river and trying to explain to that previously mentioned toddler why he isn't allowed to touch them when he keeps repeating how he really wants to play with them.

When you go there with a 2,5-year-old and a 10-year-old, the 10-year-old wants to go through every single roller coaster there is. And there are plenty. And the queues for them are long.

In general, Legoland was such a lovely experience. Even though it was a bit rainy and cold that day in May. However, the timing of our chosen visit could have been when the toddler is a bit older than he is now.v

Have you visited Legoland before?

✖ a hidden feature to spark up your Instagram stories | Instagram tutorial

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Did you know about the hidden feature of Instagram stories? To be honest, I have no clue for how long this has been possible but I literally discovered it by accident yesterday. And in case if you didn't know, I'm planning on doing a small tutorial on how to lighten up your Instagram stories and use this cool feature. Since I'm the Insta que... What?

So, the point is to create stickers out of you pictures so you can add them multiple in the same story. Have you gotten frustrated when you add a picture on your Instagram story and can't change the background colour? Well, this fixes that problem as well. Leggo!

So here is what we want to achieve. A light background with a few pretty photos in it, right? It was actually a lot simpler than I thought and I cannot believe I hadn't figured it out sooner.

✖ step 1: choose the colour of the background
Choose the colour of the background, so far so simple, right? I went with white, as you can probably see.

✖ step 2: head over to the photo album on your phone
Pick a photo, and copy it. Simply just copy the picture you want to be added in your stories.

✖ step 3: go back to Instagram
You should see a small "add sticker" icon with the image you just copied on the left corner of your screen. Click it, and place it wherever you want it to be placed.

✖ step 4: REPEAT!

When you're ready, just publish the story.
Simple, creative and fun.

✖ healing

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Happiness is not about getting all you want, it is about enjoying all you have.
A fun story from yesterday. I was having a chat with my new boss, in order for her to decide if they are going to continue to let me work there after the first few months. It's like this try-out time kind of a thing when they're still allowed to kick you out without a specific reason.

We went through everything about how I've adjusted in the new job, what I've learned and if there's still something I need to learn in order to work there. At the very end, she asked me how I've felt working there. In a way, I wanted to burst into tears but I managed to keep my shit together when I told her how burnt out I was when I started working there. I was completely drained out of the energy at my previous job, I've absolutely loved my time at the new one and I'm more than happy to stay there and continue working there because it has given me new energy. I've found a place where I belong, where no one thinks I'm weird if I say a few things too straight, where I get along with my boss (WOOP TEAM WESTERN-FINLAND), and where I can be myself without anyone judging or telling me how to be. And it's truly amazing. And I've enjoyed a lot.

I'm still healing, but at least I'm healing. Not getting worse.

Healing, so I can be a better person around the people I love.
And be a better person around myself.

✖ Ruisrock festival in numbers

Monday, 15 July 2019

Considering the fact that I haven't been to a Ruisrock festival before in my life, my first-time experience there can be counted as a bit different than the basic roaming around the camping site drunk as fuck trying to find my own tent in the sea of tents that look exactly alike.

Ruisrock festival was being held in Ruissalo, Turku, Finland for the 50th time this year and I was honoured to be able to be a part of that big of a festival. It's one of the biggest in Finland, and it's been organised damn well. However, I'm not getting into many details what I did out there, because of the confidential agreement and well, backstage is like the home for the artists. I spent the weekend at the behind of the Niitty-backstage and my goodness, how amazing that was.

Ruisrock festival in numbers:
1 pair of broken converse

1 disposable rain poncho

50 walked kilometres

4 nights at the floor of a school

2 Australian mates

4 conversations with the lead singer of my childhood favourite band (and I kept my shit together!!)

25 different keys hanging on my neck at the same time

20 nuggets at Hesburger

20 slept hours in total

15 carried mirrors

4 days of awesomeness

✖ is there a personal limit to festivals?

Sunday, 14 July 2019

I'm with the dirty mouth girls. The ones with bare feet, brilliant minds, messy hair, wild hearts and feisty spirits. The ones who aren't afraid to speak up and who live for doing what they've been told is impossible.
This week has been a tough one for me. I've been still recovering from the Ruisrock festival from last weekend, which was plain work to me, to be honest. On Friday I might have enjoyed one overpriced apple cider at the festival area, waiting to be escorted to the backstage on the next day because there were so many people out there. Ruisrock is one of the biggest festivals in Finland, and fuck it's been organised damn well. I'm about to tell you more about that later, but I was blessed to be able to work as a backstage host assistant for the weekend, and it was one of the best things I've ever stumbled myself upon to.

While I've been sleeping, a lot, insomnia has turned up its ugly head. I know, ironic huh? So while I'm trying to get my sleeping pattern in order, I'm also preparing myself for my best friend's festival themed birthday party next weekend, and for a smaller rock festival on the weekend after that. It's been one hell of a summer, and each morning I wake up I remember the words I said a few months back: "if I survive through this summer alive, I can survive from pretty much anything." It's been keeping me going. And imagine I have it rough, my best friend hasn't been at her home for weeks. She must be feeling a massive relief when she gets to her own bed after six weeks in Turku. I still haven't seen her new flat tho, I'm going to have to add a visit to Turku on my to-do list for the rest of the summer.

Before you ask, there isn't really a point for this blog post. Or if there is, it's me trying to explain why I disappeared from all the socials (except from Instagram, it's so easy to post there!) and the blog. But I'm here to get my shit together and starting to write again. Or at least I'm trying.

Two more festivals, one layout for a student magazine, a few more photo shoots and still trying to figure out how to cover this month's expenses. It's funny when you switch jobs. The first salary was a bit too small to leave me 150€ below zero whilst trying to cover my monthly expenses. Perhaps I gather a few bottles from here and there, sell something I don't need anymore and empty the piggie bank.

It's one hell of a couple weeks ahead of me. Let's do this.

✖ off to the field

Saturday, 13 July 2019

July is one of those rare months I'm usually spending travelling between Pori and Helsinki, and visiting my family and friends in the Western-Finland. The fact that I'm spending a lot of time out there gives some great photo ops, and Monday of this week wasn't an exception. My friend wanted some new pictures for her Instagram, so off we hopped in her car and she drove us at a random field next to the road.

It was actually quite fun to find yourself from a stranger's field. The best part of this whole thing was that I got to spark up my own inspirations whilst playing with the camera. I cannot wait to get my camera out more often. As I've been a bad blogger lately, I've also been a bad photographer and neglected the existence of my camera.

And hey, if you're in Helsinki area in Finland (or basically anywhere in the Western-Finland) hit me up and send me an email to or DM me on Instagram and let's get you those instaworthy pictures sorted! Would love to book a shoot!

✖ Provinssirock festival in numbers

Friday, 12 July 2019

If you've been following me via my Instagram, you know that my life has been full of different festival related shenanigans lately. I mean, ridiculously full and the festival summer isn't even over yet! However, I'd like to take you back to the final weekend of June, when the Provinssi rock festival was held in Seinäjoki, Finland. My friend and I took a train there, met like a ton of new people who ended up our new friends and spent three nights in a tent.

I absolutely loved it.
And I can't wait to do it all over again next summer.

✖ Provinssi in numbers:
3 nights in a tent

7 minutes to build the tent

2 bottles of booze

15 minutes to unbuild the tent and pack all the stuff we had

22°C degree sunny weather

1 person falling to the river

1 visit to the first aid tent

0 rainy days

100 stupid jokes

5 new mates

1 pair of broken Converse

700km travelled

1 hangover

1000 amazing memories

+ countless of flipping good bands.

And guess what? It was exactly what I needed.

✖ midsummer in the city

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Midsummer celebrations came around and went as quickly as they possibly could. I mean, I didn't really have anything special planned for the weekend, except for work. So I stayed home the whole weekend, not only staring at the wall but also went to pick some beautiful flowers. I think I struggled a little less, even though, I still am struggling.

I know it's only Sunday, but the week ahead does look a bit promising. After three evenings at work, I'm finally off to that music festival I've been going on and on non-stop these past few weeks. I'm ridiculously excited about it, even though I'm not a camping type of person.

So in general, things are starting to look out a little bit brighter. That's why I've created a little list of things I've got on my calendar for the upcoming week:

✖ find a travel back bag to borrow
✖ figure out what to pack for the weekend
✖ watch a few more episodes of Sons of Anarchy
✖ figure out how to survive the festival with period
✖ enjoy a brunch with old workmates

So I've got my eyes at the weekend! What's on your calendar for the upcoming week?

✖ dear diary, I've been really struggling lately

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Dear diary, I'm struggling to get out of bed. I'm struggling to find anything that would even the tiniest bit spark my interest and motivation in life. I haven't showered for a week, my hair is unbrushed. Gosh, when was the last time I even brushed my teeth?

I've been living in a fog, trying to please everyone else except myself. I haven't been able to sleep, I haven't eaten properly. Why is it, that each time I'm starting to feel a bit better something comes up and down the hill, I go again? Why is it, that I feel like I shouldn't be allowed to feel these feelings? And why is it, that each time I open up these things to someone I feel like a burden?

A while back, my friend wondered how I'm handling it all so well. I look so busy, how am I holding up? That's exactly how I'm holding up. I keep myself busy not to be alone with my thoughts. And it's a real struggle when I don't have anything else to do than to be alone with my thoughts.

I need to deal with things, yet I would rather choose to avoid them.

As after all, it would be easier that way. And I am very, very tired.

✖ my summer playlist

Monday, 17 June 2019

It's been a quite a while since I've shared anything music-related over here (or anything, for that matter) so I decided to share my summer playlist on Spotify. What are your go-to summer tunes?

✖ 4 x festival outfit inspiration

Sunday, 16 June 2019

It's less than two weeks until I get to sleep in a tent amongst drunk festival visitors on a camping area of Provinssi rock festival in Seinäjoki, Finland and I couldn't be more excited about it. Actually, I'm that excited that I've been doing some outfit inspiration flat lay pictures just so that I know what to pack. I'm also going to mix and match those items, as I don't really feel like dragging my whole wardrobe there with me.

I picked out four of my favourite combo's that I created, of which of three are for the day time and the last one is for the chilly summer evening. It gets surprisingly cold during the night, even though Midsummer and the "whole sun never sets" -thing has been a week before this festival. Let's remember that I am not a fashion blogger, even the funny fact about lifestyle blogs is that you can basically type about anything, so I might not be able to tell you how I got into these choices that I made. I also believe that this is a great way of showing you what kind of my style actually is, as most of these are the cornerstones in my wardrobe.

✖ for the day time

The cornerstone? That trashed Levi's denim jacket. I basically wear it with everything I possibly can imagine. And with this dress, it looks lovely simply worn or tied on my hips. The dress is from UrbanOutfitters by the way and it cost ridiculously lot, that's why I'm trying to wear it as much as possible. Perhaps not to my friend's wedding later this month, but everywhere else.

Everything in this outfit is from H&M. And the cornerstone? Those shoes. I've had them for more than five years now and they're starting to look like I should find a new pair somewhere but they feel so ridiculously good on my feet. I think they're part of my feet now.
If it's going to be raining, I'll add black tights and that denim jacket to the combo and I'm good to go.

You might recognise this clothing combo from some earlier blog posts, or from Instagram's gorgeous world. The shorts, which might very possibly be the most colourful thing in my wardrobe are from H&M, shoes Converse, and the t-shirt is from Weekday.

A funny thing about those sneakers... They've been to 8 countries during I've walked with them, I've had them for 8 years and I can see my pinkie toe and the left shoe sole has almost fallen off. I hope they'll get through this summer so I have a good excuse to buy a new pair next Spring.

✖ for the chilly evening

The only new thing here is the knit, which is from American Eagle and those trashed jeans which are from H&M. But I thought this could be cosy and perfectly warm for a chilly summer evening.

What do you usually wear to festivals?

✖ oh hello there, you evil little Instagram algorithm

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

There has been a lot of talk about the Instagram algorithm as long as I can remember. When I first created my Instagram account, it was talked about then and until this very day it has been talked about, perhaps even more. Is there really a way of beating Instagram algorithm in 2019?

Recently, I've been struggling with a little writer's block and when I asked around of what I should write about and went through unhealthy amounts of stats, I ended up on writing Instagram again. Also, "you should write something about Instagram as I haven't seen a person who knows about it as much as you do", so here we go again.

 what is an algorithm?
At first, you should know what the algorithm actually is. And algorithms are pretty effin' tricky things.
"In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is an unambiguous specification of how to solve a class of problems. Algorithms can perform calculation, data processing, automated reasoning and other tasks."
The definition was brought here to you from Wikipedia's wonderful world. There are multiple different algorithms that can be created for different purposes. The one on Instagram basically works based on your own actions in the app. It's also designed to get the user to spend more time in the app itself.

The algorithm on Instagram is created to learn based on the user's actions in the app. It process data, on how you behave in the app. How much time you spend in it, what you are doing during that time you spend there and based on that it shows you the content first that it thinks you're most interested in.

You might've heard someone say that "Instagram isn't showing my posts to anyone". That actually isn't true itself and the better wording for the sentence could be "Instagram doesn't think my posts are relevant to my followers, which leads me to be at the bottom of your main feeds."
In reality, you can see all posts from the past two days in your main feed, but if you're following thousands of people you might not have the energy to scroll at the very bottom, where the posts that algorithm thinks that aren't relevant to you are.

And since the Instagram algorithm is learning constantly to curate the content of the app for something that is perfect to a small hand of users, the creator of the algorithm has very little control over on how it works. It's just something that runs on the background, and I don't think it should be blamed completely.
Since the Instagram algorithm is constantly learning to curate the content of the app for its users, the creator of the algorithm has very little control over on how it works.
This is something that I want people to understand. It's not the fault of the person who has created the algorithm, as the algorithm itself is genius. The algorithm itself learns along the way and when the computer is doing all the work, it can be a bit tacky at times. Because well, like humans, computers as well do their fair share of mistakes. And then they will learn for them.

I've seen a lot of tweets on blaming the creators of the algorithms and the thing is, it's not entirely their fault. They've simply just given the basics for the computer on how to solve a problem x and given them the possibility to learn how to find new solutions on solving different problems. If you were up to do some minor changes on how it works, you should create the whole damn thing from the beginning.

so how does the Instagram algorithm affect?
I'll break it down for you, as a form of a list.

✖ it is constantly learning based on your behaviour in the app
✖ it is designed to show you the content that is most relevant to you

Yeah, that's it.

Let's say you're following roughly 200 people on Instagram. You can get to the bottom of your main feed multiple times a day, and are able to see all their Instagram stories throughout the day. You've seen it all they've posted during the past two days.

Let's say you follow over 1000 people on Instagram. You might not see all the people's posts, but is it because you don't have the time to scroll at the bottom of the feed? Instagram is showing the posts of the people you're following from the past two days. If you follow over thousands of people, it's very likely that there are people who are posting multiple times a day, which gives you the impression you won't see anyone else posting on Instagram but the handful of people who dump three pictures in their feeds per day.

And that is my friends when the "it's designed to show you the content that is most relevant to you" becomes in the play. If you're more likely to like and engage with the people who post multiple times a day, of course, the algorithm will show their posts to you first. If you're more likely to interact or engage to same people's posts all over and over again, the algorithm will show their posts to you first. Because the information that you have given to it is that you seem to really enjoy the account's x content. You actually enjoy it so much, that you're most likely to interact with it so it learns that it must be something that is really relevant to you.

If you don't engage with anything, it simply guesses what could be most relevant to you and shows it up at the top of your main feed.

 is beating the Instagram algorithm actually possible?
Why would we want to beat something we could try to learn to use in our advantage?
This is going to be one of those posts where the writer isn't going to provide you with any actual ways on beating the algorithm but based on what you've just learned from simply reading this post, is there anything you could use in changing your future behaviour inside the app? If the flipping algorithm can learn things very efficiently, why couldn't we? Oh right, it's too much work for us. Why work for something you really want?
Why beat it, when you can trick it by simply changing your own behaviour?
Why wouldn't we, instead of complaining about something that simply isn't our hands (nor really the developer, to be fair) would actually try and engage with like-minded people? Create a community? Work for creating engaging captions, engaging content?

That's why follow loops, comment pods, giveaway loops, follow/unfollow game and mass liking doesn't really work. It doesn't make your content more engaging. And the more engaging your content is, more likely people will engage in it. And the more engagement the posts receives, the more relevant the algorithm believes it is to more people, and that's when you start reaching the accounts who don't even follow you by simply ending up to a search page's suggestions.
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