✖ taking time for myself: how yoga has helped my mental health?

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! We're in the middle of the week already, which I really do not fancy as it means that I'm in the middle of my vacation. However, the girls and I are off to Turku this weekend (again, I should really move my address to Turku by now), and I'm very excited about that.

Today I am here to chat about mental health issues and what has helped with me. Just remember, I am not a professional when it comes to these things (I'm just all kinds of fucked up) and what helps for me can help for you as well, though I don't mean it would. Also, I have a really dark humour and humour is the way I deal with slightly uncomfortable things, so when I'm making fun of me having anxiety and being depressed, it's making fun of me having anxiety and being depressed. Not everyone. Just wanted to let it out there before someone comes over and says "you can't make fun of mental illnesses" because erm, yes I can. If the fun is made about me.

Have you ever had a hobby that feels like your whole mental stability evolves around it? I mean, yoga does its tricks for me but when I'm not able to do yoga due to being ill or just being way too busy it goes downhill from there. So basically, I am mentally stable like an IKEA table but whenever I'm able to be consistent with yoga I feel like that table is able to pull out of being what it's meant to be. Stay together, be a table, hold on to that coffee cup. Without falling apart.

So today, I decided to share with you how yoga has helped my mental health.

 stopping to enjoy the moment
Yoga is a funny thing, you kind of stop for that moment and yet you're doing something. This is the reason why I'm not able to meditate, because I really need to focus my energy on doing something and sitting my eyes closed for longer than one minute does not do its trick on me. In yoga, you focus only for that moment, focus going from asana to another, and it's the definition for a quote "it's the journey, not a destination". It effectively empties everything from your shoulders, everything you've been carrying around.

✖ since starting, the amount of the panic attacks I've had has reduced
After starting being consistent with yoga, I rarely suffer from panic attacks anymore. I'm not saying yoga has directly helped me with my panic attacks, but when combined with the fact that I'm able to sleep better thanks to yoga, the amount of sleep I get has a straight connection to my anxiety and panic attacks.

✖ better sleep
I also suffer from insomnia at times and sometimes I'm living in a blur basically because I've gone for a full week with only 8 hours of sleep in total. Being consistent with yoga has helped me to sleep better and I've even created a little routine for each evening to calm myself down. Would anyone be interested if I shared it over here at the blog?

✖ helps me to deal with social situations
I'm a full-on introvert. Being in a place with people, working at a customer service job, being at uni with all my classmates, sometimes even spending time with my own family - it's sucking all the energy out of me. You know, extroverts basically live for those social moments. They gain energy from it. I, on the other hand, feel like I've done a 20k run after being stuck on a social situation for a bit too long that I can handle.
Also, getting into a new social situation gives me major anxiety. And there are two ways I've dealt with these things with yoga. When I'm home after a socially exhausting day, I do yoga. Before I'm off to a new social situation, I do yoga. It reduces the stress I am in and makes things a bit easier. It doesn't remove the anxiety completely, but it reduces it and I'm totally fine with that.

✖ learning new things
I love to learn new things and currently I'm trying to learn to do a handstand properly. However, it's still going to take a hell lot of practice as I also realised my arm strength is basically non-existent. But hey, I promised to be gentle to myself and we're getting there, me and my body - together & slowly.

✖ learning to appreciate my body
I'm going fully on the terms of my body. In yoga, you don't have to fit in this super yogi mould, and you can find whatever feels good for you. And while you're finding whatever feels good for you, you can still keep it challenging at the same time. You can move in your own pace and take your own time, no one is rushing you to achieve the things you want to achieve. There's no pressure.

What brings you on the mat?

✖ inked

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Haha, no, I haven't gotten any new ink! Unfortunately. But one of my old-coworkers has and she asked me to picturise her new tattoos for her Instagram. So I did what was asked! Enjoy the pictures.

This is one of those rare photoshoots I've done with her indoors. Actually, this might be the second time we're shooting indoors! She got over to my place, hugged the Smeg fridge in our kitchen, we drank an unhealthy amount of coffee (of course) and got these shots mainly based on a feeling. I love when you don't have to rush things and the inspiration will get its natural flow.

That's what taking pictures is all about for me.

You're in Helsinki area in Finland and fancy booking a shoot with me? Hit me up by email at or DM me on my insta and we'll get a cuppa & those instaworthy pictures sorted. 

✖ what makes a grown-ass man to text sexts to pre-teens?

Monday, 18 February 2019

A Finnish tabloid, Iltalehti, published 18th of February 2019 an article, where two of their journalists went to Kik messenger and pretended to be 13-year-olds. They wanted to research the sexual harassment that is happening in Social Media and especially in anonymous networking applications. They pointed out how easy it is to lie your age to a social media app and how crucial it is for parents to know what their kids are doing in social media. And it's true, it's crucial to know what the kids are doing in social media but it's also true that there are only so little things we can protect our children from.

What we can do, instead of monitoring every single thing our kid does on the Internet, we can raise them in a way that they can come and talk to us no matter what they stumble upon there. We can educate ourselves to know what to do in situations like those, in order to explain why some people contact them in sexual ways and in order to know what to do when sexual harassment (which that is, nothing else) occurs to our children.

I think it's time for us parents, and grown-ups to take responsibility. Not in a way that we would lose the trust between us and our children, and the privacy that is their right which means that us as parents cannot secretly scroll through their smartphones when they are asleep. It's time for us, as grown-ups to be aware what is happening in the World Wide Web, right in front of our eyes and start finding effective solutions for how to deal with the situations like these.

One of the biggest questions in my head at the moment is this: what makes a grown-ass man to text sexts to pre-teens? I mean, they all can't be paedophiles, can they?
During their research, they said there were plenty of men who backed off when they found out how old these girls were the journalists created but there were also men, who didn't give a shit about their age. These "girls" were asked questions like "what's your favourite thing about fucking?" and told how they would "lick their porcelain pussies, pull their huge dicks in and out that pussy" and other things, even worse which I am not going to type here. But just to get you the picture. Also, my personal favourites; dick picks were sent to the "girls". A lot.

And the second biggest question in my head is: how can we stop these things from happening? Is there a way to stop these things from happening?

Unfortunately, I already have the answer to the second question. There is no way we can stop this happening to our children, or even us. I still get my fair daily share of dick pictures on social media. But what we can do instead of accepting the fact that we and our children get sexually harassed on social media, to fight for the better future.

Things we can fight for:
✖ better legislation, come on, it's 2019.
✖ update our laws to cover sexual harassment even on social media

There are also things we can educate ourselves on. We can do our research and simply choose not to close our eyes from things our children see on social media on a daily basis. We can build a relationship with our children, where they don't feel uncomfortable to let you know if something like this happens to them. We can educate our children about harassment, as they should know what it is, instead of accepting the fact that the downside of social media is just receiving dick pics on a daily basis.

We can also do our research and find out where to contact if something like this happens to our children. And we should. The time is up, it's not about us grown-ups receiving abuse online anymore. It has never been. Our children are going through these things too, and we should not close our eyes from it. We have to step up, educate ourselves and our children. And I'm glad someone finally brought this up and out in the open. These things need to be discussed.

✖ for blowing off steam | 7 songs to listen to this week

Hey guys, I have a public service announcement. The headlines of the songs are links to Spotify, so you can click them and go straight to the song you want to listen to if you find a song from my list you really want to listen to. Basically, anything that's written here in something else than black, is a link so you can kind of click that if you want to.

No, I don't get anything out of it but there seems to have been some sort of confusion in the comment box of every single of my song recommendation post comment box, so I kind of wanted to let it out in the air. You don't have to copy paste these in Youtube, you can just click the link.

My vacation began today, and I'm more than excited to spend the next five days on the sofa doing absolutely nothing. Or at least lying to myself I have nothing to do when I'm actually swamped to all the uni work. Our plans to head to the North this week kind of fell apart due to my extensive list of coffee shops I want to visit when we go to New York, so that's why I'm expected to find a hole shaped of me on the sofa on Friday.

I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead!

There are times, we find ourselves needing to blow off some steam. So what would be better than having a perfectly dedicated list for doing that? I can imagine, that if I was the type of person who would go to the gym, these songs would be on my gym playlist. However, these songs are also on my housecleaning playlist. Don't know what that tells about me? Rage cleaning once a week, huh?

Also, this week I really want to share an album with you guys. The band is called God Disease, and my friend is playing drums in that band. They also just released an album a few days ago, "Drifting Towards Inevitable Death", which I highly recommend you to listen to. However, their music might not be for everyone but if you're into metal, go for it. Or perhaps you're in a mood for something out of your usual genre? Go for it.

But for blowing off steam? Let's do this.
You can have it if you want it, have it if you want it, over my dead body.
✖ "Over My Dead Body" by Blind Channel
Okay, wait, wait for a second! While I was trying to Google lyrics for this song (which are non-existent by the way) I found out this is a Finnish band. It's funny how long one can go and just listen to the music of a band without realising where they are from. I'm kind of overwhelmed by this fact at the moment, so perhaps we'll just roll straight onto the next one.
Don't be a dick, don't be an asshole. Just be nice, you don't have to be that guy. Show some respect, just be a person. Love one another, you don't need a reason why.
✖ "Don't Be a Dick" by Bowling for Soup
In case if you haven't noticed, I love brutal honesty. And this song is just plain brutal honesty. And if you're feeling that you've got someone being a total dick in your life, this is the perfect song to channel all that energy and feelings into.
Mickey Mouse is dead, got kicked in the head. 'Cos people got too serious, they planned out what they said, they couldn't take the fantasy. Tried to accept reality.
 ✖ "Mickey Mouse is Dead" by Subhumans
If you are looking for a song which is pretty effin' all over the place, this is the one for you. This is what I like to call "mättöpunkki" and I have no clue how to translate that in English. It could be something about a real angsty proper punk music kind of a thing? I don't know, just listen to it and "mättöpunkki" will get its meaning.
You know what time it is, murder that bassline bitch. 
✖ "Bassline Bitch" by Nova Twins
These girls are rather new, so I wasn't able to find the lyrics and I wasn't able to concentrate properly on trying to figure out what they are saying the most of the time. Don't get me wrong, you can totally hear what they're saying but after that Mickey Mouse song, my brain is still kind of all over the place.
Must it take a life for hateful eyes, to glisten once again. 'Cause we find ourselves in the same old mess, singing drunken lullabies.
✖ "Drunken Lullabies" by Flogging Molly
Flogging Molly is coming to Provinssirock festival held in Seinäjoki, Finland next summer and expect to find me there. However, I'm still trying to get someone to come there with me so the plans are all wide open. Can't flipping wait for it tho, but can't yet build my hopes up.
Here we lay in our final hours, like dying flowers. The price we pay, as you struggle for power that your ego devours.
✖ "Bloody Nose" by Hollywood Undead
This is actually one of my all-time favourite songs. It never gets off from my housecleaning list and I feel like it really helps me with my window washing project, once in two years.
Gotta stay alive, gotta stay alive. Gotta learn survive, gotta learn survive.
 "Gotta Get Through" by The Blinders
I love how all over the place today's post is. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did making it. Stay tuned for next week, I promise I've got something a lot calmer lined up for you! 

✖ ford has designed a bed and all I can think about is how to have sex in it

Sunday, 17 February 2019

YES, you read the title right.
YES, it's that Ford.

According to Digital Trends, Ford has come up with a bed by using their lane-keeping system, which is their safety-focused driver-assist technology, which simply keeps your car on its lane by using sensors that analyse the road markings. But how can you use this technology in a bed?

To be honest, I believe it's a brilliant idea. However, it makes me wonder will the bed keep you from having sex? Do you have to turn it off when the action between the sheets is happening?
Or like their slogan, is this meant for the couples who are more creative with their physical activities and do it somewhere else than on their bed?

It's just a prototype, though. But still, I'm intrigued to find out how it'll work out in the end.
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